Your Absolute Guide To Play Grow Castle

Are you looking forward to try your hands in a cool action game? How about a highly popular action game where you will have versatile range of heroes whom you can even personalize to build your customized army? Sounds great, isn’t it? You bet. Well, we are talking about Grow Castle and you will love to play every bit of it. The game is launched by RAON Games. So, what is it and how to play it? The post below offers a brief on the game and all the major facts that every Grow Castle player should know.

A few words on Grow Castle

Grow Castle can be defined as an action-packed tower defense number where players will have to build up improvements on castle whilst the castle is continuous siege by a huge group of monsters. However, your focus should be on beating enemies one by one. More you can destroy your enemies, more will be your chances of earning money. And that money will help you out to buy improvements for castle.

There are over 120 heroes in the game. Heroes can be identified with blue bar on their heads. Every hero is armed with its own unique ability. You can activate their power with one single tap. Initially you will get Ogre, Knight as well as Lightning Mage. Players here can unencumber around 12 slots for their heroes.

Which hero to choose?

120 is not a small number. It’s only natural that you will be spoilt for choices when you willhave to pick heroes in the game. As mentioned previously, each hero comes with its distinct ability. Some heroes are archers, some are warriors and there is a great bunch of heroes who are basically spell casters. And your choice of hero would largely depend on the type of play you wish to. For example, warrior heroes enable players to call up a band of soldiers to stop enemies enroute. However, regardless of a player’s play fashion, he can’t heroes who summon gadgets such as Knight and Tiny Large. These heroes tend to impede progress of different enemy gadgets to strengthen your chances in the game.

A fun fact is that Grow Castle allows its players to personalize the heroes and build up their own army in the game with the player as the commander. One can choose compatible heroes here matching up his unique personality. Besides, you can also focus on unique power of each hero while considering your personalized heroes for your band of army. You will be able to personalize the whole appearance of your hero as well as his weaknesses and strength. Your choice of hero could make or break your chances in the game.

According to experts, when you start to play the game, do not rush. Take some time out to know the heroes as well as understand their abilities, strength or weakpoints. Choose the ones whom you deem to best able to help you in defending your castle and also winning your game.

Castle upgrades

Grow Castle allows plenty of upgrades. Each level you would be passing, you will get the scope to grow the castle further. This helps you to end up with a super strong castle with powerful defense which will make the job tougher for the enemies. Besides, you will have the great opportunity to grow towers and that will enable the player to combat enemies more conveniently. In fact, stronger and higher towers would also translate to better defense for the castle.

Tips to remember while playing the game

Every new player in Grow Castle looks for tips and guides. Here is a curated list of tips to follow in the game to escalate your chances of winning-

  • Focus on buying and upgrading Auto-summoning heroes like Druid, Zeus, Golem Master as well as 3 witches
  • Be careful with the promotions. Each player here is able to promote heroes up to a definite level. You should look ahead prior to promoting as you don’t have the power to un-promote- what you will do will be done. Proceed with a strategic bent of mind to ensure you make the right promotion
  • Try to capture a large number of colonies and that too very frequently. After you cross the initial 50 waves, the colonies will offer you more money compared to any other source of income in the game. You will even earn more money than what you do from watching ads.
  • Town archers are the unsung underrated heroes. It would be good if you upgrade them on time to strengthen your army.
  • In the initial stages, you must buy the costliest of heroes or towers. Then save up as well as bite bullet which will be great while treading through cake waves
  • Be wise with spending your XP. Most crucial XP-based upgrades could relate to player’s colony. And the player won’t be able to upgrade the XP until even 99 wave. So, be watchful about your spending with XP.

Playing Grow Castle on PC

Grow Castle is essentially a gaming app and hence more suitable for playing in mobile phones. But do you know you have Grow Castle for PC? Yes, you can play the game easily on your desktop. It’s just that you will need a handy Android Emulator application that you will have to install in your PC. Here are steps to be followed here-

Step 1

First, you will download the emulator software. Some of them are even available free of charge.

Step 2

After the download part is done, the next task is to install the emulator application.

Step 3

After the installation part gets over, complete the registration procedure. Then, login with your Google Play profile or account details.

Step 4

Find out Google Play outlet or look for Grow Castle. You will have to download and install the game in PC to enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

Grow Castle enjoys a solid 4.3 reviews on Google Play Store. You are surely going to have an awesome time playing the game.

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