World of Warcraft Falling Short?

September 25, 2012 will be the release for the fourth expansion (Mist of Pandaria) for the World of Warcraft fans. But does it fall short on to many playing fields?

In World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria they are adding a new class called Monk and a new Race called Pandaren. The tail of Pandaria is a harmony type look at the world. With a zen atmosphere you learn the way of the Pandaren. The quest will take you through the Panda starting area where you later learn that the turtle, whoms back is where Pandaria resides, is sick and injured. Coming up with a plan to save the turtle you can advance to level 11-12 depending on how many quest you complete and things you destroy. As you are about to leave the beautiful world of Pandaria you are asked if you would rather leave with the alliance or the horde. Your choice sends you to the main lands of Azeroth that fans are used to exploring. Pandara again opens up for people between levels 85 and 90, along with some new gear, dungeons, and challenges.

The Monk class starts out slow. The abilities the Monks receive through the starting area seem abnormally weak and don’t offer much damage. The Monks abilities run off Chi. Yes World of Warcraft has brought back many of the class resources in order to use some moves. This was once a part of World of Warcraft but was taken out and now is being returned to the game. Monks have the option of being a Brewmaster (tank), a Windwalker (DPS), or a Mistweaver (Healer). Both the Brewmaster and Windwalker run on energy while Mistweavers use mana. Much like Rogues, Monks are going to be able to wear cloth and leather.

Bringing in a new class and a new race causes the issue of space for some people. To accompany this Blizzard has added one free spot. This means you can have 11 toons instead of the normal 10 per server. This may help bring in an extra toon but some say it isn’t enough.

This technique of having many toons is similar to Pokemon go account that you need to get for proceeding with each level of the pokemon series and is quite an enthralling experience in Warcraft and the Blizzard has only made things easier by adding up the servers.

One thing the players are looking forward to is the Pet Battles. You will now be able to battle your pet companions helping them get higher ranks and more powers. Pet battles can bring you achievements and gives you a reason to collect them. You can even catch pets from the wild. No more having to buy them or try to get lucky by getting them from a drop. It has a very close resemblance to Pokemon expect your pet will not evolve into something new it will just get stronger and learn new moves.

Rather fans continue to be disappointed in the way World of Warcraft continues to get easier to level toons and max out professions or they are excited to jump into the new expansion and see its new quest lines I see the Mist of Pandaria expansion being another big hit for Blizzard. And as fans continue to voice ideas and concerns we will see many patches coming as well until the next World of Warcraft expansion.

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