Tungsten Inert Gas- Welding Subset of Arc

Whenever there is a discussion about any topic, only the people who are interested or have an expertise regarding it are genuinely involved in the arguments that follow and provide many of their own on why it is the best in their opinion.

Due to many of them being quite diverse in nature, you will find different subsets of them regarding the same so that the contents can be broken down into various parts so that people can understand the concept better.

Welding is only one of them which at first may seem as a simple process of drilling of bars on a prison cell or the window of your house but in fact, it is much more than that and we are going to study about one of its many subsets that will help us to appreciate welding better.

Gas Tungsten

The subset that we are going to discuss today is the Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) process which comes under the category of arc welding that utilizes the best electrodes to achieve the required results for welding.

As the name suggests, it involves many gaseous substances in the process to make it relatable to welding experts who use their flair in the process to the best possible advantage as it involves a lot of patience to deal with.

The reason why special electrodes are used in this process is because they are oxidant repellent in nature and do not allow any form of harmful substances to overcome it in the field of TIG.

Welding that involves such complex structures are usually dealt with by experts as they have sound knowledge on how to handle with such cases and when it comes to arc welding, the responsibility increases manifolds due to it being unpredictable.

Welding arc is the form of joining two different metals together with the help of electricity so as to create the required amount of heat to melt it down and join it together.


The history of TIG dates back to the late 18th century when many people were not familiar with the concept of welding and it was only around the 1800s when chemist Humphery Davy discovered the electric arc and conducted the experiment of welding process between two metals through electricity.

It emerged as a huge success that made the world realize that electricity is an important tool for welding in its arc form and therefore the practice gradually to a surge and people began to follow it all over the world.

TIG Wielders

Some important wilders are as follows:

  1. AHP Alpha TIG 200 DX- This type of welding is utilized for thin materials and can handle thick aluminum and steel substances and work on 100V to 120V input on various power phases
  2. Lincoln Precision TIG- It is best used for stick welding and is long lasting in nature therefore it is preferred among cheap welders at affordable prices
  3. Lotus Technology 200- It is diverse and contains double voltage options to its credit and is used for hobbies that involve aluminum and stainless steel

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