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I cannot say enough about the fantastic workouts and amazing overall body conditioning Image BodyBuilding offers in every class. This has been one of the best ways I have ever-increased fitness and functional strength within a month, click here now and see my progress. The owner, Stacey, and her energetic staff offer consistent motivation and challenge, difficult classes that are fun, and attention to everyone in the class to ensure proper technique. I also appreciate the clean facility and how the classes are organized and timely. Thank you!

Rui Lou

Best workout I have ever had. The greatest thing about this workout is its body weight, which means you can go very intensive or relaxing depending on the state of your body. All the trainers are very motivating; they make me realize my limit is much higher than I thought it was, I am very grateful for that. I also tried the personal training option with Stacey in this gym. During my one-month session, I rarely repeated any workout. She is very knowledgeable about training and will find your weakness on the way and eliminate them. I will stick to TRX and this gym for as long as I can.

Margret Johnson

TRX is an incredible workout and the instructors here are wonderful motivators! I came to TRX because I don’t enjoy the standard gym workout and was not focusing on strength and flexibility on my own. With Image’s trainers, I have seen great improvements in both! The classes are fun and high-energy. This is a welcomed addition to my workouts!

Blair Buckin

TRX is my new obsession! Stacey has done an amazing job with this studio and all the great classes. Fun environment & great workout! I noticed my arms and abs getting toned after just 2 weeks (hard spots for a woman to tone!)

Team Sirius

Image Bodybuilding is awesome. Stacey Purifoy is an awesome motivator and totally knows her stuff!! She puts my squad of elite triathletes through an awesome program that works our core strength/stabilizer muscles/ and all muscles/movements that contribute to their performance on the swim/bike and run!! We have so much fun!! So we get the work done, get the benefit. And have fun doing it!! Thank you Image Bodybuilding for being a big part of our team’s success!! Siri Lindley http://www.siri-lindley.…

Amy Nolledo

As a fitness instructor who teaches 7 days a week, I am very picky about paying another gym, or instructor for physical training/classes. In fact, it isn\’t very reasonable for me to wake up early 3 mornings a week, and drive 20 minutes to take 2 hours of intensive training. However, I make an exception for Image Bodybuilding. Stacey is one of the most knowledgeable, and motivated individuals I know in the fitness industry. She is very dedicated to her clients and goes out of her way to instruct individuals in proper form, and technique. There is a reason she owns the only Premier TRX facility in Colorado. When my alarm goes off at 5 AM, I am not super excited to wake up and go exercise, before I teach my own classes. However, because of Stacey, and her team at Image Bodybuilding, I refuse to sleep in, or make an excuse to NOT go to her gym. Classes with her push me to work harder and have allowed me to become stronger, and a better fitness instructor for my own classes. I am very grateful that a friend introduced me to Image and thankful that Stacey does her job so well. Thank you Image Bodybuilding.

Kristen Moorefield

I’d like to start off by saying that Image Bodybuilding as a whole has completely changed my life and I cannot say enough good things about this gym. Owner Stacey Purifoy and her team of outstanding trainers have not only helped me change my body but have also helped me build confidence and strength that I never knew I had.

After having major abdominal surgery in February of this year, I was laid up for about 6 weeks without the ability to do much physically. Prior to surgery, I had been battling pain for over 6 months and felt like I was in an unbreakable cycle of gaining weight. I had always been a little overweight, but the inability to do anything had caused me to gain so much weight that I was staring down at a scale that read the largest number ever in my life. At the end of those 6 weeks, I was ready to make a change.

I had heard rave reviews about this gym and this new exercise called TRX from my boyfriend and another good friend, so, when the Living Social deal popped up, I jumped at the chance to start fresh. This was the best decision I have ever made. After making a deal with myself to go to Image Bodybuilding for one full month without stopping, I was hooked and had already started to see changes in my body.

After only 4.5 months of working with Stacey and Cara, I had hit my goal weight (which I had never been at in my entire life, even in high school), and lost a little over 32 pounds. Bonus…I am no longer lying on my driver’s license, which was a huge milestone for me, and I even bought myself some skinny jeans!! My entire body has changed and I have muscles in places I had no idea muscles even existed!! I am stronger than ever before and have gained more confidence in myself than I ever dreamed possible. This gym and its staff are life-changers and I am proud to be a member.

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