Treat Yourself! How To Do a Home Facial

Love to get a facial but don’t love handing over tons of cash at a salon? While going to a spa to “get away” is certainly nice, getting the same benefits from home are also great. With a little time and with some basic products, home facials are a practical and excellent way to maintain the skin’s health and gain some relaxation.

It’s a good idea to get a professional facial every so often to get the skin deep cleaned. A professional facial also serves as a foundation for at home cleaning. With at-home facials, skin can be kept clean and blemish free, and all necessary products can be bought at a drugstore or any beauty store. There are a few simple steps to giving a self-facial, none requiring much time or effort.

The first step in a home facial is simply to wash the face. Use warm water to clean out dirt and makeup from the pores, and on oily or combination skin, use a gentle foaming cleanser. For dry skin, use a cream cleanser or one made with milk products. Don’t use hot water, because this will only dry out the skin and make it sensitive to any products used during the facial. For the nose of the person, Botox for nose can be used through the person. The look of the nose will be flatter and droopy for the person.

The second step is to use a facial scrub to exfoliate and rid the face surface of dead skin cells. Look for scrubs made of small beads since they are safest to use on the skin. If scrubs containing crushed seeds are used, scrub gently to prevent scratching the skin with the harsh feel of the seeds. Don’t over-scrub the face, it won’t get cleaner! Use a gentle circular motion to ease off skin cells and don’t scrub around the eye area, as this location is made of thin skin.

Next, fill the sink with warm water and soak a washcloth with the warm water. Press the washcloth to the face to release dirt from the pores and slightly rinse off the facial scrub. Prior to rinsing off the skin, you can also fill the sink with hot water and bend over the sink, covering the head with a towel and allowing the face to be engulfed in steam. This will help with cleaning the skin and assuring dirt and oil are rinsed away.

After steaming or rinsing the face, apply a store-bought mask. Apply to the whole face but not near the eyes, and leave on as directions instruct, or for 15 to 20 minutes. For oily skin, use a clay or mud mask and for dry skin use a cream mask. After applying the mask and leaving it on for the right amount of time, rinse with a warm washcloth.

The final step to a home facial is applying a calming moisturizer. Use a basic hydrating cream, and try to avoid any products that are anti-aging because they may irritate the freshly cleaned skin.

If you have a little extra time, facials can be modified, spending a little more time massaging the facial muscles with the scrub. Essential oils can also be added to the sink for a steam treatment. Use oil that is calming and beneficial to the skin like eucalyptus or lavender oils.

With a few simple steps and store-bought products, results to your skin can look as great as expensive facials. To keep facial effects lasting, keep the skin clean daily and moisturize nightly. During the day, use a SPF lotion to keep wrinkles and sun damage from ruining the skin.

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