Top Three Microwallets Using Daily – Learn About The Three Ways 

Microwallets are essential if you are going to be doing any microcoins faucets, jobs, tasks, or any other thing with micro cryptocurrency payouts. I’ll be doing another article soon about how to setup your microwallets and started earning some free BTC and many other types of cryptocurrency coins.

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Basic Concept

Before we get into some examples of microwallets we need to talk about why they even exist. Any coin that you transfer over the Blockchain will cost a fee, by using a microwallet you are compiling your micro amounts of coins linked to your wallet address until you get to a higher amount and can withdraw them so you can cover the fee for the transfers (paying the miners to ensure your transactions are safe and arrive with no issues to your wallets).

Examples of Microwallets

There are a few microwallets that are well known, used and trusted and some others that are not as well used. I would recommend sticking the main ones, and not using the lesser known ones because you may find out that you come across some issues with not actually getting paid.

Faucethub is probably the largest and most used site, with over 68,000 users at the time of writing this. They have a huge network of faucets and some other great features that make them high on my list of microwallets. Faucethub has a list of all the faucets that payout through Faucethub, and they have helpful tools for those who would like to setup a faucet. I have owned faucets and have a few now and they all payout with Faucethub. In addition to the faucets themselves, Faucethub has a chat that appears on most all their screens allowing you to chat with other users. This chat has a rain system that will rain down free coins on active chat users. So while you are claiming faucets, you can get some free coins for chatting with others. They also have some gambling games and lottery games that are constantly going on. I highly recommend playing them and I will be doing a comprehensive guide on the best way to earn from using these games soon.

CoinPot is another microwallet, but instead of having a vast number of faucets, it has just one owner, who manages 7 faucets. These faucets are high paying and worth your time. The interface of the microwallet is simple and easy to use. They allow you to convert your coins from one to another for no fee. This is important because you can compile them to one coin that you like the best and you can reach the withdraw limits much faster. I prefer to use DASH to withdraw because the withdraw limit is only 20,000 and it can be obtained within 1-3 days usually.

Unlike Faucethub, FaucetSystem is less user friendly and straight to the point. You don’t even need an account, just your wallet address. You can claim from the faucets via their faucetlist and the coins will be collected at the wallet address. Once you reach the minimums you can withdraw the coins to your wallet. FaucetSystem has a lot of great faucets to utilize even if they are not as pretty and user pleasing as Faucethub. I use this microwallet mostly for payouts of websites that I use that allow fee free payouts through FaucetSystem.

Get Your Free Coins

Although microwallets are just online wallets with a specific purpose, I thought they deserved an article of their own because of their uses. Faucets is how many people get started in cryptocurrencies, building up a small amount of coins to utilize in trading or other investment opportunities. If you can imagine it, there once was Bitcoin faucets that gave out .5-1 whole bitcoin per claim. If you were to have used those then and just saved all your coins you would be on the moon with your Lambo by now.

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