Top 5 Shoes to Wear to the Airport

There are many things to keep mind when you’re flying. One of the best decisions that you can make when flying is to choose the right footwear. Keep in mind with all footwear that, especially if you are going to major airport, there will be a long wait at security (it is always better if you do not have to stop here) and there will be a lot of walking and waiting. Some great ideas for shoes to wear when traveling are:

1.) Flip flops- One of my all time favorite traveling shoes. The efficiency of these shoes is undeniable! These shoes are a quick off and a quick on as you slide by security. Once of the greatest things about these shoes is they have no metal in them and so they are relatively easy to go through security with(last time I went through security they didn’t even make me take them off). This is a simple way to avoid the hassle of having to sit down after you have gone through security have one more thing you have to put on.

2.) Deck shoes- This is a great way to incorporate both comfort and support for your feet on your trip. This is a great option for those who don’t like open backed shoes. These allow you a speedy progression through security but allow you comfort should you have to wait for a long layover and want to go shopping.

3.) Ballet flats- This is a great option for those that have important meetings directly following flights. This allows you to have that put together classy look and still not be inconvenienced by a shoes that are a hassle to get through security or don’t allow you easy mobility.

4.) Loafers- This another option that allows you to keep your look dressy and classy without the hassle of high heels. Make sure you have worn these shoes at least once before and that they are comfortable and do not pinch at all. This is the last thing you want to deal with especially on a long flight or a flight with a lot of layovers.

5.) Tennis shoes with no laces on them. This is a great option to have, especially if you don’t have a lot of time between your connecting flights. There is a great possibility that you will have to hurry if not run to catch your next flight. This can be your greatest gift to your self as you rush through the airport. These also aren’t a hassle in security and can be taken off and placed back on with relative ease.

One of my biggest suggestions for footwear is what to absolutely avoid at all costs and that is anything that has either a heel or laces! These can literally ruin your trip and add stress to your journey. You don’t realize how rushed, cramped and crowded it is when everyone is trying to go through security and how much extra time you have to spend trying to put yourself together after you go through the checkpoint.

The aforementioned ones are only a few examples but undoubtedly the best when it comes to wearing footwear at the airport and helps in creating a great impression on the onlookers, who will desire to emulate you in the future as it enhances your personality manifolds and ifly seatac airport has some of the best travelers along with a shop for footwear, which will help you to choose from.

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