Tiktok- Musical Treat For Fans With Top Notch Entertainment

When it comes to entertainment, the youth brigade has a lot of things going for them as they want to enjoy it in the best manner possible, right from movies to sports, you name it and it pops up in discussions all the time.

However, with the advent of social media in the 21st century, entertainment began to acquire a new and modern outlook where people were no longer relied on television to watch their favorite movies or sports tournaments or the news channels to get the latest breaking news.

The digital revolution took the world by storm and the mobile apps from PlayStore in your smartphones became the norm of the day during the late 2000s. But now, they are simple tools but the sheer number of apps that can be availed is mind boggling to say the least.

Wannabe Artists

The most popular app of today is TikTok, which is a musical streaming device where you can download and share videos of different genres and earn a decent number of subscribers in return who will follow your content based on their interests and preferences.

Even wannabe singers, who have tried their luck out in musical shows like American Idol without success, can showcase their singing skills on this new and wider platform that has a bigger reach than any musical show in the country.

It is so because tiktok is the most downloaded app ever which has enjoyed unprecedented success ever since it was launch in 2016 and has different set of rules for users and perfectly easy to handle on both Android and Apple model of phones.

Budding singers, for example, have tried out this app to upload their short videos where they are singing to show their talent, movie buffs are imitating their favorite scene and actor from movies in the hopes that a big time producer or director will see it and sign him up for his next movie, quite similar to Dubsmash.

People interested in dancing are uploading their dance videos by unleashing their inner Michael Jackson hoping to gain entrance in dance reality shows to become famous all over the world.

Viral Trend

We are living in the age of ‘share’, ‘like’ and ‘comment’, which has been the case since the launch of Facebook and Instagram and Tiktok has only taken the mantle forward by surpassing the popularity of its erstwhile counterparts and giving them a run for their money.

Due to it being the most downloaded app as of now, the reach of Tiktok can be gauged from the fact that the moment a celebrity uploads his musical videos, the video becomes viral within moments and becomes the talk of the town due to trending worldwide.

This super fast algorithm is what makes it become famous and recommends it to subscribers based on their choice and preference of genres, a trend it has taken from YouTube, which follows the same pattern of algorithm to reach out to viewers.

Whether it is comic satire videos, memes or musical numbers, the average tiktok user spends almost 100 minutes on the app for uploading videos almost every hour, such is the obsession many youngsters have developed for this app.

Increasing Fandom

The popularity of Tiktok is at its peak and so much so that even famous celebrities, be it film/sports icons, politicians, businessmen, entrepreneurs have started utilizing its potential to promote their products as it has become a marketing strategy all around, especially musical icons.

So, now we are going to discuss about how to buy followers on tiktok by impressing them with your talent and skills in the musical idiom. The points are as follows:

  • Always think of unique content to make your videos look attractive and that is by wearing clothes that are the latest fashion statements as peoples’ interest will be piqued and they will pay more attention to the video
  • An important feature of tiktok videos is to have hashtags like #video #iamgood #elvisinthemaking without any space in between as the more number of hashtags, the greater will be the views
  • Do use popular background sounds like your favorite musical piece from an instrument or random sounds to indicate the current situation
  • Your videos should never have negative vibes and you should always be active and positive by nature to attract more people as this will boost their morale as well

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