Three Tips for Buying Dorm Room Appliances

The school year is just around the corner, you’ve been accepted into a college, and have even been given an opportunity to live on campus. Perhaps you’ve already met your future roommates, or maybe that time will come soon if it hasn’t already. Either way, this is an exciting moment! You’re going to be living away from your family with a group of people who may become your best friends. However, you need to figure out what appliances to bring in order to make your environment more comfortable. After all, this is your space and you want it to be cool.

But before you rush out to the appliance store, keep these three tips in mind:


Before you do a single thing, find out what your college actually allows students to bring into their dorm rooms. Some colleges will allow small electric hotplates, while others frown at anything other than a mini fridge. After you figure out what you can bring into the room, communicate with the others living in your dorm room and plan who will bring what. There is no use coming in on moving day and finding that you now have two toasters, three hotplates, and five coffee makers. In most dorm rooms, space is at a premium anyway, so not only are multiples of the same thing stupid to have, but they will also take up valuable space that could be used for something else.

Condense Appliances:

Since you have limited space, the less physical items you need to bring in, the happier you’ll be. Instead of bringing in a separate toaster, oven, and microwave, find a three-in-one unit. In the same vein, it’s usually best to buy one big appliance that can do several tasks rather than many separate smaller units. This will not only help reduce clutter, but will also mean that the other people living in the dorm room with you could pitch in, allowing you to purchase a better quality appliance overall. Greensboro NC office serves its people by providing some of the best dorm room appliances. So if you are on a tight budget, it will be helpful if you follow essential tips on how to properly and wisely buy dorm room appliances specially if you are a business owner of a dorm. Having the right appliances in the dorm will attract boarders.

Multiuse Appliances:

While it may be cool for the first couple days to say that you have a dedicated sandwich press, you’ll soon have just another piece of clutter after the novelty wears off. Instead of buying appliances that are specialised for one or two tasks, learn how to make certain things by hand, improvising to achieve the same result. For instance, even though a sandwich press can make wonderful sandwiches, you can achieve the same result with two pans and two hands. It may take a couple seconds longer to slap another skillet on top of your sandwich, but least those two wares can be used for more than sandwich making. Before buying anything, ask yourself whether you can achieve the same result with what you already have. A blender works just as well as a food processor; a rice cooker can be used to make stews and steam vegetables.

If you only remember one thing about buying dorm room appliances, remember that space is limited. Ask yourself if you really need that ice cream maker or if it really is the best idea to buy a separate microwave and oven. Remember, your dorm room is your living space and is shared with others. Living in a dorm room is a great experience, but having no room to live because someone decided to bring everything except the kitchen sink will only end in frustration, arguments, and stress.

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