Things You Might Not Know About Searching For The Right Apartment

So you’ve narrowed your apartment choices down to a few nice ones in your area that are within your price range and commute. They have the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the amenities you’re looking for. How do you make the decision now about which one is right for you? Well, if you’re not careful, what seems like a great living space could be your worst nightmare. Everyone should consider the following things before signing the lease:

How many stories are in the building, and what floor is your potential apartment on?

The more units in the building, the louder it’s going to be. Unless you’re in a very expensive complex, the walls will tend to be thin and you’ll be able to hear everything above and below you. When I moved into the apartment I’m in now, I was shown one on the top floor of the three-story building but it turns out that’s just the sample one they show everyone. Make sure you find out exactly what floor your apartment is going to be on. I recommend the top floor because nobody is stomping around above you, and in my experience, it’s a lot less annoying hearing an occasional loud TV from downstairs than neighbors stomping around upstairs all day like a herd of water buffalo. I also don’t recommend the bottom floor, because they tend to get way less sunlight.

What is the pet policy in the complex?

If you have pets, it’s hard to find apartment complexes that allow them. But some do, with a pet deposit (and sometimes a monthly pet rent). This is great if you have pets but if you don’t, you still need to find out what the restrictions are. Is there a weight or number limit? Are there going to be three 80-pound dogs running around all day in the apartment above yours? Is the apartment restricted only to cats, or are you going to have a chihuahua in the apartment below you that yips and screams for hours when its owners are gone? If you do have dogs, is there a nice place to run them nearby? A dog park? Basically, an apartment’s pet policy is important whether you have pets or not.

How much traffic and noise will the apartment subject you to? Is it safe at night?

When you tour the apartment, it’s going to be in the daytime. You need to find out what it’s like at night at your potential new home. I recommend going by each complex you’re considering on a weekday AND a weekend evening to see if there’s a lot of loud music coming from other apartments and to make sure the parking lot/garage is well-lit and seems safe. Is the apartment near a busy intersection or highway? See if the noise from traffic at night is too loud for you to be able to sleep comfortably (remember how thin the walls in most apartments are).

What do your potential neighbors think of living there?

I think the most important thing to do when checking out apartments is to talk to a few people who live there. Does their dishwasher work well? Do they have children and, if so, do they feel like their children have safe and fun places to play nearby? Have they had many problems with or complaints about neighbors or the apartment management? If there’s a gym or pool in the complex, is it convenient and clean? Would they recommend this complex to a friend or co-worker or are they just waiting for their lease to run out so they can move?

Everyone knows to research schools, restaurants and crime rates, but hopefully these few tips can help expand your checklist a bit, and even give you more ideas to check on before signing that lease.

The final decision on whether or not to take the lease is entirely up to you because you need to take the final call and if you follow the aforementioned points carefully then you can surely get to the final stages with ease. As far as searching for the right apartment is concerned, just keep in mind that the price alone is not enough but it has to be one that should be comfortable to one and all as that is what matters. You may not get a Parc Central Residences Porsche complex, but you can be atleast satisfied with the fact that you have a roof on top of your head that comfortably provides a worthy lifestyle.

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