Thanksgiving Centerpieces That Keep Your Wallet Thankful

If today’s economy doesn’t inspire a thankful heart, a gathering of family and friends around your Thanksgiving table will. While we all try to save money where we can, most of us are reluctant to sacrifice the abundance of our traditional holiday celebration. Here are three simple, inexpensive, and easy to create Thanksgiving centerpieces that will make your table setting look as attractive as the sumptuous feast itself. Most of the materials required you may find you already have at home, or they can be purchased at local discount stores.

Candles are a staple in most holiday households, and this first centerpiece provides a glowing, festive touch. You’ll need three pillar candles; varying heights are nicest, but all the same size will do. Colors may match or use three different shades of neutral tones. Gather the following materials to decorate: one or two large, plain mailing envelopes (9″x12″ or larger, may use a brown paper bag if necessary), a bit of yarn or twine in your choice of color, a few cinnamon sticks, scissors and glue.

Measure around the first candle. Cut a 3-inch wide strip out of the envelope the length of this measurement, adding ½” for overlap. Fold the strip in half lengthwise; cut slits about ¼” apart along the length of the strip, cutting halfway to the folded edge. Unfold the strip and you will have a sort of “fringe” along the top and bottom of the strip. Wrap the strip around the middle of the candle, overlapping the edge. Glue the edges together. You do not need to glue the paper to the candle itself, just make sure the paper is snugly wrapped. Repeat this procedure for each of your candles. Set aside to allow the glue to dry.

Cut two lengths of yarn or twine for each candle. Use the measurement from around each candle plus ten inches. Wrap both pieces around the candle, tying once in the front. Select two or three cinnamon sticks, about 3 to 4 inches long. Place the sticks in the center of the tied yarn, and tie around them securely. Repeat with the other two candles. Set the candles on a flat serving dish, a charger plate, or a flat trivet in the center of your table, with the cinnamon sticks facing outward.

The next centerpiece can be your personal salute to the kick-off of “baking season.” Search through your cupboards or your best friend’s bakeware collection. You’ll need a mini-muffin baking tin, four tea lights, eight foil-paper baking cup liners (mini-muffin sized), a tin of mixed nuts, a shoebox and a large fabric napkin. Make sure the shoebox is large enough for the muffin tin to sit flat on top and the napkin will drape to cover the box.

Place the tea lights in the middle row of the muffin tin. Line the outer rows with the mini baking cups. Fill the cups with mixed nuts. Place the shoebox in the center of your table and drape the napkin over it. Set the filled muffin tin on top and light the candles. If desired, small gourds may be placed on the table on the corners of the napkin.

The third centerpiece is the simplest, and takes on a more modern look. It requires a bit of outdoorsy effort, though. Gather several small, rounded pinecones and at least a dozen bare sticks no more than ½” in diameter, in 2-foot lengths. Gently wash these off, removing any remaining foliage; set aside to dry.

You’ll also need a round, clear glass vase with straight sides, 10 to 12 inches tall. Other materials required are several pieces of gold ting-ting (on sale this time of year at most stores that sell craft supplies) and a 30″ length of gold wired ribbon, 2  amp; ½” or 3″ wide. Different shape and size are available in the market of minimalist wallet.  The purchasing can be done as per the requirement of the person. The size should be comfortable for the pocket of the person.

Drop the pinecones into the bottom of the vase so they fill one-third of the container. Trim the branches in various lengths between 16″ and 18″ and place them into the vase above the pinecones. Pack them closely together. Tuck individual stalks of ting-ting into the bunch of sticks. Snugly wrap the gold wired ribbon around them so it shows just over the top of the vase. Tie a knot or a bow, as desired, adjusting the ends to the length you prefer. Let this centerpiece adorn your dinner table, and, whatever your choice of décor, count your blessings and give thanks.

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