Switch from Regular to Decaf Coffee Painlessly

Making the switch from regular coffee to decaf coffee is no small thing to someone that has been drinking it for a long time. The health benefits say that the switch is worth it, but many people can not handle the caffeine withdrawal symptoms. Headaches, body aches, insomnia and even bowel irregularities are only a handful of the problematic symptoms one might encounter while ditching the caffeine. So how do we go about eliminating the caffeine without going insane in the process? Here are some ideas that wills surely help: 

Gradual Removal of Caffeine

Many people try to claim that you can not do the stair step method to move from caffeine to decaf coffee. This is hogwash and I am living proof. Having enjoyed caffeine laden coffee for more than twenty years, I used this method to go decaf in only one month. The idea is quite simplistic but effective. Reducing your intake of caffeine in increments just makes good sense.

Much like the patch when quitting cigarettes, you can limit the intake of caffeine a little bit at a time. The easiest method to do this is to make two pots of coffee. One regular and one decaf. Mix the two in your cup and reduce the level of caffeinated coffee in each in small increments each week. Over the course of a month, a decaf coffee will seem just as tasty. Regular switching of the manufacturer of coffee will enable the person to enjoy different taste of the coffee powder. The selection of the best will be an easy decision for the customers after the checking. 

Controlling Exterior Caffeine

As most already know, caffeine is not simply in coffee. You find it most notably in many other drinks such as soft drinks, teas and even some alcoholic drinks. Increasing your intake of these drinks will simply offset any progress you have made with your coffee switch. Make sure you are careful to get caffeine free products and keep regular drinks to a minimum. Otherwise, you might as well have your regular coffee.

Increase your Water Intake

Water is one of the most beneficial allies in caffeine withdrawals. It will help to flush your system more efficiently and keep you hydrated. It is also one of the few nervous habits that can actually make you more healthy. Exercise is another fine thing to do when you have the shakes from caffeine withdrawal. If you are going to shake that caffeine habit for good, you might as well get fit all over.

Changing over from regular coffee to decaf seems like a simple process, and to be quite honest it is. I had a serious coffee addiction, and was able to implement this with relative ease. I did have occasional headaches but nothing that Ibuprofen would not take of. If you are willing to put in the energy and invest in a second coffee maker, then you will be on your own road to success in the battle against unhealthy caffeine.

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