Rise Of Kingdoms- Commandment Of Battle Lines

Whenever a new video game comes out in the market, it is met with a feeling of joy and anticipation, especially from young children, who look forward to some new adventures and some new characters to idolize, which is usually the case when the genre is thriller that involves treasure hunt.

Be it playing on computers, PlayStation or Xbox 360, the thrill and excitement that only video games can generate cannot be satisfactorily explained in words as they can only be felt, which comprise the entire beauty of the thing that is silence and not endless eulogies.

You may or may not agree, but it is true that the golden days were the best when there was no tension or worries, no social media, no smartphones, etc. and television, radio, comic books, outdoor games like baseball, soccer, basketball and indoor ones like chess, business, snakes & ladders, etc.

As of today times have changed, whether for the better or worse is anybody’s guess as all are entitled to their opinion. But one fact that is universally agreed upon that old times were the best as they unleash a wave of nostalgia and were sweet and simple as well as being too good to be true.

Gaming Up

Since we are on the topic of video games, it is important to mention about one that has been doing the rounds for a long time and that is Rise of Kingdoms. It may seem like just another hero’s adventure at first glance, but once the levels move on, you tend to discover the diversity of it all.

It involves various kingdoms, valiant troops, the typical damsel in distress, a courageous hero out to finish the villain and other similar tropes that constitute a thrilling action adventure that has the purity of imagination.

The kingdoms are 11 in number that guide the entire civilization from a small clan of disoriented families into an army of great power where the rulers hold fort and ward of enemies with ease.

Before gaming up for the adventure, please note that it involves strategies full of creativity and innovation that follow the path with the main focus being the destination. The game highlights the various challenges and obstacles that have to be undergone to achieve the desired goals.

World Conquest

Usually a story that involves hero and villain follows the same pattern where the latter is aiming for conquering the world and having everyone dancing at his tunes while the former tries to stop him before he can succeed in his devious means but this one is quite different.

Here, we have two kings who are battling it out with each other on the field and are going forward to get themselves immortalized in history so you will find that no one is completely good or bad but all have certain grey shades to their character, which means that they all are normal beings with their own set of virtues and flaws.

However, the goal for both sides is the same and that is world conquest and they are willing to go to any measures for achieving their ends and would wipe out the enemy ranks if they were to stand in their way.


That being said, it becomes clear that it is not at all easy to play and would involve lots of planning and strategic thinking, which is good in a way as it will sharpen your mind for the better and provide greater focus.

The commanders are the backbone of the kingdom for it is on them that lies the responsibility of guarding their city and protecting their borders from enemy kingdoms day and night.

Some of them are:

  • Alexander the Great
  • Julius Caesar
  • Cao Cao
  • Charles Martel
  • Cleopatra

There are many others but these are the most famous ones that are known characters from history. To pick the best of the lot is indeed a difficult task but if the author’s opinion counts, Julius Caesar is better than others as he is a shade more skilful compared to others.

For a better list, you can check the guide for Rise of Kingdoms online and go through yourself and decide which commander you think is the best.

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