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You know how much of a hassle it can be to find your keys, wallet or phone when you leave the house. If you have a private note on you, that is an even greater problem. You may think it can’t happen to you because “it’s just a piece of paper”. But there are people who make it their business to steal notes from unsuspecting victims. If you are willing to have the quality options and want to get the best deals. Than connect with the best option in the market such as If you want to get the best option that can help you to save from the several issues. Than connecting with these apps can help in best possible way and let you get quality privancy.

So what should you do? Here are some tips for keeping private notes safe: 

  1. Know where you put them. 

If you write down something in your pocket, purse or other place, make sure you always remember where you put them. It’s easy to forget and you don’t want to have to search through your whole bag looking for something you wrote down months ago. 

  1. Don’t lose everything. 

It happens all the time — you drop a pen, notebook or paper in the toilet or sink. It’s not going to kill you (unless you’re writing on it), but you’ll never get it back. So keep it in a ziplock bag or inside another container that can withstand water damage. In case of theft, the thief will probably throw out whatever they took along with whatever else he/she has stolen so don’t waste valuable space. 

  1. Keep important items separate. 

For example, if you have a list of things to buy at the grocery store, don’t write down your personal information like home address, Social Security number, etc. Make sure this information doesn’t go into your list of things to buy. Also, if you use a calendar to track appointments or events, don’t put sensitive information such as your cell phone numbers or e-mail addresses. Write down only the most necessary information. 

  1. Be wary of strangers. 

There’s nothing wrong with taking notes while shopping, visiting friends or acquaintances. Just make sure the person you’re talking to knows that you’re using a pad of paper and that the contents will remain confidential. And if someone asks you to write something down for them, say no as politely as possible. 

  1. Use a secure place to store your private notes. 

Don’t write anything in your car unless you have a lock on your glove box or under the seat. If you’re in public, keep your private notes in a purse or briefcase. Or better yet, keep them in a locked drawer at work. If you’re at home, consider placing a privacy note on top of a picture frame. Then the image won’t even show up in a close-up photo. 

  1. If you carry cash, take a credit card instead. 

Many places now accept credit cards for purchases. However, if you write down the credit card information, someone could easily read it. Also, if you write down your PIN number, someone could see it if they look closely enough. 

  1. Hide your private notes. 

This works well if you’re leaving your home. Put them in your shoe or behind a picture frame. Some offices provide a lockable storage cabinet which can be used for this purpose. Many banks also offer safety deposit boxes that you can rent by the month or year. 

  1. Carry a backup copy. 

If you don’t have access to your private notes, you can ask someone for a copy. A good friend or relative might be willing to help or you could hire a professional to create a duplicate set of your notes. This way, if your private notes are lost, you still have a copy. 

  1. Use a code word. 

If you’re writing down something that you shouldn’t be written down, you can simply give yourself a nickname. For instance, if you were writing down your social security number, you might call it “number one” or “the big O.” You could also use a code word that sounds like a foreign language. If you’re writing down your bank account number, you could call it “bank account number.” 

  1. Take pictures. 

If someone steals your private notes, you can show them that you’ve taken some photos of them. This shows them that you know about their illegal activities; however, you must be careful that the pictures don’t identify anyone. If the police find these photos, it will be very difficult for the person to deny stealing your notes. 

  1. Protect your privacy notes. 

Use a clear plastic cover to protect your private notes from scratches and fingerprints. There are special covers that come with highlighters. These are usually made of transparent plastic with a colored background. They allow you to see the contents clearly without damaging the page. Other types of covers are available that are designed for pens and pencils. 

  1. Carry your private notes around with you. 

If you’re carrying a lot of money in your wallet or purse, you can get away with carrying your private notes in those places. The problem with this method is that it’s risky. If you’re robbed, the thieves will almost certainly grab your wallet or purse along with your notes. 

  1. Write down your private notes on a computer screen. 

If you write down your private notes on a computer screen, you can type them over again later. If it gets stolen, you can easily erase the previous version. Of course, this method isn’t foolproof either because it’s still possible for a thief to break into your computer system. 

  1. Hide your private notes. 

If you prefer to hide your private notes, you can tape them to the underside of your desk or table. Or you can put them in a book or magazine. 

  1. Create a new identity. 

If you’re worried about someone stealing your private notes, you can change your name and move to another part of the country. If you’re concerned about your privacy, you can hire a lawyer. 

  1. Keep your private notes in a password protected file. 

If you need to keep your private notes private, you can password protect them. You can also encrypt your computer files so that they cannot be opened by others. 

  1. Encrypt your private notes. 

Encryption allows you to safely encrypt your private notes. Once you decrypt them, you can use any program or website to print out copies. Encryption protects your data, making it impossible for anyone to open the file without knowing the right key. 

  1. Buy a shredder. 

A shredder is the best way to destroy private notes. Most shredders have settings that let you select the thickness of paper, the speed of rotation and whether or not it cuts through staples. You can also purchase shredders that have two or more cutting blades. You can then cut paper up to 2 inches thick into small pieces. Even if you do this, it will still be possible for someone to recover your private notes. But at least you’ll have less chance of recovering them. 

  1. Destroy your private notes after ten years. 

Most states require that you destroy private notes after ten years. That means if you wrote your notes down in 1995 or 1996, you would need to destroy them in 2015 or 2016. Of course, many people choose to destroy their private notes sooner than this.

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