Peter Jackson About to Return to Fantasy Throne

Peter Jackson has stayed quiet in the last few years, but over the next few months, Peter Jackson will seek to reclaim his throne as the king of fantasy. Peter Jackson took over all of Hollywood with The Lord of the Rings, but several years, one King Kong remake, and many pounds later, Peter Jackson is going back to basics. These next few weeks alone will reestablish Peter Jackson’s influence, as he presents a movie that could be the sleeper hit of the summer, and introduces a trailer for his own upcoming film. District 9 will give Peter Jackson some fantasy street-cred back, but The Lovely Bones will prove whether Jackson still has the touch.

This week, the trailer for Peter Jackson’s next movie will be shown in theaters. A week later, Petr Jackson will present another film that already has massive buzz. The Lovely Bones trailer will premiere in front of screenings for Julie  amp; Julia, and is already up online. Next week, District 9, which has the label “Peter Jackson Presents”finally comes out after weeks of early raves.

For District 9, Peter Jackson is not the director, a title which belongs to newcomer Neill Blomkamp. However, Jackson’s influence as a producer and the presenter of District 9 has made the movie possible, and the special effects look to be a Jackson trademark. District 9 is expected to be a sleeper hit and a critical success, which Peter Jackson will get a fair share of credit for. It comes as a good time for Jackson, as a warmup for his own upcoming movie, and as a way to reestablish himself after being off for a few years. For the making, proper information should be available with the person about the cast of the hobbit. The playing of the characters should provide enjoyment and entertainment to the audience. 

The last time Peter Jackson brought any kind of movie to theaters was 2005’s King Kong, which opened big but eventually faded away, unlike the Lord of the Rings movies. Jackson’s King Kong hasn’t held up too well for many, as Jackson’s orgy of special-effects monsters and exhaustive running time finally ran thin for many. As such, it was probably necessary for Jackson to step back and take his time in coming back, before he risked a deeper backlash.

Four years later, having lost a great deal of weight, Peter Jackson is out to return to power. The biggest news he had made after King Kong was over the battle to direct The Hobbit, which he lost to Guillermo del Toro – though he still gets to write it. With a few years off, disappointment lingering over King Kong, and the Lord of the Rings glory fading, Jackson needs to get back in the game to prove he is still one of the best in the business.

Having his name attached to District 9 will help, but his hopes are pinned to The Lovely Bones, which Jackson directed in this case. Fittingly, the first trailer for The Lovely Bones came out right before District 9’s release.

Once again, Jackson is adapting someone else’s material, after bringing The Lord of the Rings books to life, and remaking King Kong. This time, Jackson is adapting a shorter but still very famous novel, about a girl who is killed and resides in her own fantasy world, while watching her family struggle to cope and find her killer.

The fantasy parts are typical for Jackson, but The Lovely Bones trailer shows that it isn’t as large and epic as Lord of the Rings and King Kong. In fact, it resembles the smaller, but still visually stuffed atmosphere of Jackson’s first mainstream hit, Heavenly Creatures. There may be some snickers over Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci’s hairpieces, but The Lovely Bones trailer serves as a handy reminder that Jackson will be back once again.

Winning an Oscar tends to result in a bit of a slump afterwards, and Peter Jackson has been in a little bit of one after Return of the King won 11. That has largely been because Jackson has done just one film in six years. But since King Kong was a letdown to some, and since Lord of the Rings has given way to other fantasy obsessions lately, Jackson could use another hit to reestablish his standing on the A-list.

These next two weeks alone are evidence that Jackson is looking to make a roaring comeback, with District 9 likely to provide the first half of a potential one-two punch, and The Lovely Bones trailer teasing out what Jackson hopes is the second half. Fans of Jackson and the book will know for sure in December.

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