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Business/Social Networking – Directmatches

Business/Social Networking The invention of in 2003 brought open a new craze on the internet that seems to be flooding the market. I believe the sale of myspace for …


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How To Dress Like a Professional Working Man

In the professional world, looking the part is every bit as important as acting the part. Men have to dress to impress in order to get attention and respect in …

How to Achieve the Perfect Tan with Bronzing Powder


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Earn Up to 12 College Credits by Taking the CLEP Foreign Language Exam

Many college students look for various ways to save money on their tuition costs. Non-traditional options such as credit by exam, can provide students with a large amount of credit …

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Acting on ‘The Mother of Invention’

Production began in the fall of 2008 for an independent movie. At the time I resided in Los Angeles. I submitted to audition after audition. Finally I was called in to audition for a movie. That movie was “The Mother of Invention”.

The audition was held at the director’s apartment, which was only a short bus ride from where I lived. The audition itself was relaxed. They videotaped the audition. I was nervous, but I was able to relax a little after my first attempt. I don’t remember much more about the audition except that I left thinking I would not get the part.

I was called back to read for the part again. Apparently they liked me, but they wanted to see me read again. Again I left thinking I would not get the part. I thought I would never hear from them again.

I spent the next few days in complete isolation at home as there was a knot in my stomach that was a combination of excitement and nervousness on whether I would be selected or not and would make videos every now and then to improve on my voice and expressions, which you can check out here the official website online.

One day, weeks later, my phone rang. It was one of the directors. I thought it was to tell me that I did not get the role. The reason for the call was to ask me if I were still interested in the movie.

The first scene they shot with my character involved me sitting at a desk in the background. Andrew Bowser, who also played the main character, was in the foreground talking to the camera. The crew dowsed the desk with lighter fluid. My job was to pretend to work on an invention, and have it “accidentally” set on fire.

It had to be lit as though the desk spontaneously caught fire. I had to hide a lighter from the view of the camera, light the desk on my cue, and pretend to be surprised by the fire. I was very surprised when it caught fire. I jumped out of the chair.

At the San Diego Convention Center we shot a scene of us running into the building to attend the young inventor’s convention. I was not told ahead of time that we did not have permission.

We shot the scene once in the center of one side of the building. Then we went through the parking structure to another side of the building. They had someone be a lookout for security. When they thought it was clear to shoot we began the scene. Andrew and I ran up to the side of the building we were at before from the other side of the building.

As we were walking away from the building we were approached by a security guard. After a few moments a couple of detectives arrived. We were questioned. Eventually we were allowed to leave, but I thought we were going to be in trouble for a moment.

World Of Warcraft – This Game’s Better Than Your Favorite Game

When I had first heard about a game that you had to pay monthly to play, I was thinking there was absolutely no chance I would ever pay a monthly fee to play a game. The same company who produced this game had other great games out and they were all free to play, so why should I switch over to a game where I would have to start paying monthly for? This is at least what I thought before I tried the game and actually started getting into and playing in.
I was immediately drawn to the game and it was the game play that definitely won me over and the creativity of the content played a huge role in my decision to actually start paying for the game. Like any game when you start and have no one to help you out, your confused and lost and a lot of gamers who had been playing a while were not too fond of the new gamers. While this was not the most heartwarming community I had ever met, the content of the game overall was supreme to any game I had ever played and ever will play.

World of Warcraft offers so many different variations of character creation and so many different aspects of the game that can be changed in so many ways. One could say that it’s possibly endless to name the amount of things you could change about the game to better fit your playstyle. Whether you enjoy strategy games or role-playing games, this is one game that will hook you and grab your attention and I guarantee you you won’t be able to stop playing. I tried to stop playing the game on two separate occasions and in my experience I always came back to the game, because there is just something about the game that hooks you in.

Warcraft has always been my favorite and I have been a sucker for it since childhood and even today that passionate fan is alive in me and whenever I play it, it gives Pokemon go spoofing vibes while coming across the different levels.

However, the graphics of the game are very cartoon like and this is one aspect of the game that I particularly did not care for. While this is very useful for grabbing the attention of a younger audience, the graphics overall are not too bad and still look fairly decent. I have no complaints about the audio and sound of the game except I wish there was more sound tracks associated with the game so I didn’t have to listen to the same songs over and over again, because after several hours of the same songs they get quite old.

When you start playing the game it will hook you from the very beginning and is one of the easiest to understand games if you just follow simple directions that the game’s tool tips lay out for you. The game itself is available to all age and fan bases and this is how they designed it, because while the cartoon like graphics draw the younger fan base in, it’s the quality of the game play that attracts the rest of the customers in. I challenge you to start playing the game and to stop playing because the content and game play will hook you into the game and it won’t let you stop. If you never play another role-playing game again, this definitely is a least one game you should try out and while it may seem bogus to pay a monthly fee to play a game, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Peter Jackson About to Return to Fantasy Throne

Peter Jackson has stayed quiet in the last few years, but over the next few months, Peter Jackson will seek to reclaim his throne as the king of fantasy. Peter Jackson took over all of Hollywood with The Lord of the Rings, but several years, one King Kong remake, and many pounds later, Peter Jackson is going back to basics. These next few weeks alone will reestablish Peter Jackson’s influence, as he presents a movie that could be the sleeper hit of the summer, and introduces a trailer for his own upcoming film. District 9 will give Peter Jackson some fantasy street-cred back, but The Lovely Bones will prove whether Jackson still has the touch.

This week, the trailer for Peter Jackson’s next movie will be shown in theaters. A week later, Petr Jackson will present another film that already has massive buzz. The Lovely Bones trailer will premiere in front of screenings for Julie  amp; Julia, and is already up online. Next week, District 9, which has the label “Peter Jackson Presents”finally comes out after weeks of early raves.

For District 9, Peter Jackson is not the director, a title which belongs to newcomer Neill Blomkamp. However, Jackson’s influence as a producer and the presenter of District 9 has made the movie possible, and the special effects look to be a Jackson trademark. District 9 is expected to be a sleeper hit and a critical success, which Peter Jackson will get a fair share of credit for. It comes as a good time for Jackson, as a warmup for his own upcoming movie, and as a way to reestablish himself after being off for a few years. For the making, proper information should be available with the person about the cast of the hobbit. The playing of the characters should provide enjoyment and entertainment to the audience. 

The last time Peter Jackson brought any kind of movie to theaters was 2005’s King Kong, which opened big but eventually faded away, unlike the Lord of the Rings movies. Jackson’s King Kong hasn’t held up too well for many, as Jackson’s orgy of special-effects monsters and exhaustive running time finally ran thin for many. As such, it was probably necessary for Jackson to step back and take his time in coming back, before he risked a deeper backlash.

Four years later, having lost a great deal of weight, Peter Jackson is out to return to power. The biggest news he had made after King Kong was over the battle to direct The Hobbit, which he lost to Guillermo del Toro – though he still gets to write it. With a few years off, disappointment lingering over King Kong, and the Lord of the Rings glory fading, Jackson needs to get back in the game to prove he is still one of the best in the business.

Having his name attached to District 9 will help, but his hopes are pinned to The Lovely Bones, which Jackson directed in this case. Fittingly, the first trailer for The Lovely Bones came out right before District 9’s release.

Once again, Jackson is adapting someone else’s material, after bringing The Lord of the Rings books to life, and remaking King Kong. This time, Jackson is adapting a shorter but still very famous novel, about a girl who is killed and resides in her own fantasy world, while watching her family struggle to cope and find her killer.

The fantasy parts are typical for Jackson, but The Lovely Bones trailer shows that it isn’t as large and epic as Lord of the Rings and King Kong. In fact, it resembles the smaller, but still visually stuffed atmosphere of Jackson’s first mainstream hit, Heavenly Creatures. There may be some snickers over Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci’s hairpieces, but The Lovely Bones trailer serves as a handy reminder that Jackson will be back once again.

Winning an Oscar tends to result in a bit of a slump afterwards, and Peter Jackson has been in a little bit of one after Return of the King won 11. That has largely been because Jackson has done just one film in six years. But since King Kong was a letdown to some, and since Lord of the Rings has given way to other fantasy obsessions lately, Jackson could use another hit to reestablish his standing on the A-list.

These next two weeks alone are evidence that Jackson is looking to make a roaring comeback, with District 9 likely to provide the first half of a potential one-two punch, and The Lovely Bones trailer teasing out what Jackson hopes is the second half. Fans of Jackson and the book will know for sure in December.

Switch from Regular to Decaf Coffee Painlessly

Making the switch from regular coffee to decaf coffee is no small thing to someone that has been drinking it for a long time. The health benefits say that the switch is worth it, but many people can not handle the caffeine withdrawal symptoms. Headaches, body aches, insomnia and even bowel irregularities are only a handful of the problematic symptoms one might encounter while ditching the caffeine. So how do we go about eliminating the caffeine without going insane in the process? Here are some ideas that wills surely help: 

Gradual Removal of Caffeine

Many people try to claim that you can not do the stair step method to move from caffeine to decaf coffee. This is hogwash and I am living proof. Having enjoyed caffeine laden coffee for more than twenty years, I used this method to go decaf in only one month. The idea is quite simplistic but effective. Reducing your intake of caffeine in increments just makes good sense.

Much like the patch when quitting cigarettes, you can limit the intake of caffeine a little bit at a time. The easiest method to do this is to make two pots of coffee. One regular and one decaf. Mix the two in your cup and reduce the level of caffeinated coffee in each in small increments each week. Over the course of a month, a decaf coffee will seem just as tasty. Regular switching of the manufacturer of coffee will enable the person to enjoy different taste of the coffee powder. The selection of the best will be an easy decision for the customers after the checking. 

Controlling Exterior Caffeine

As most already know, caffeine is not simply in coffee. You find it most notably in many other drinks such as soft drinks, teas and even some alcoholic drinks. Increasing your intake of these drinks will simply offset any progress you have made with your coffee switch. Make sure you are careful to get caffeine free products and keep regular drinks to a minimum. Otherwise, you might as well have your regular coffee.

Increase your Water Intake

Water is one of the most beneficial allies in caffeine withdrawals. It will help to flush your system more efficiently and keep you hydrated. It is also one of the few nervous habits that can actually make you more healthy. Exercise is another fine thing to do when you have the shakes from caffeine withdrawal. If you are going to shake that caffeine habit for good, you might as well get fit all over.

Changing over from regular coffee to decaf seems like a simple process, and to be quite honest it is. I had a serious coffee addiction, and was able to implement this with relative ease. I did have occasional headaches but nothing that Ibuprofen would not take of. If you are willing to put in the energy and invest in a second coffee maker, then you will be on your own road to success in the battle against unhealthy caffeine.

How To Dress Like a Professional Working Man

In the professional world, looking the part is every bit as important as acting the part. Men have to dress to impress in order to get attention and respect in their professional endeavors. Here’s a how-to guide for men’s fashion, from the bottom up:

The Shoes

Every professional man should have at least two pairs of dress shoes – one pair in black, and the other in brown. Always shine your shoes before wearing them into work. If you are strapped for time, a few sprays of Windex can work wonders as a once-in-a-while solution for shining-up in a hurry. Also, it’s a good idea to have a pair of less formal but well-kept brown loafers for more casual offices.

The Socks

If there is one fashion rule that you should never forget, it is this: never, ever – EVER – wear white socks with dress pants. White socks are not for the professional workplace. You should have a collection of black socks – at least a couple of week’s worth to last you through those laundry-procrastinating times. Gray, argyle, navy, and brown dress socks are also okay as long as they don’t clash with the color of pants that you are wearing.

The Pants

Black, gray, brown, tan, and navy are the colors that you have to choose from when selecting your work pants. Whether you get the pants as part of a suit is up to you. If you have to wear a suit jacket at work every day, then it is logical to buy mostly suits. If you rarely have to wear a jacket, it is likely that you will want to get your pants separately so that you can cut your clothing costs. Make sure that your pants are tailored to fit you. It is totally unprofessional to cuff the bottoms of your pants, so don’t go there! Also, make sure that your pants are always neatly pressed – wrinkles are a no-no. In addition, you can also put a nice thin rfid wallet in your pants pocket. This thin wallet comes very stylish and fashionable. Gone are the days when bulky wallets were everywhere. Even your wallet needs to be in style.

The Belt

A shiny belt is an absolute men’s professional wardrobe essential. Just don’t go overboard with the belt. You want something simple and practical, with either a plain silver or gold buckle. You definitely do not want a big, gaudy cowboy-esque belt buckle in the workplace – unless you are working at an oil company in Texas.

The Undershirt

You have to wear an undershirt below your button-down collared work shirt for three reasons: one, nobody wants to see your nipples; two, nobody wants to see your chest hair; and three, nobody wants to see your pit stains. Also, your undershirt should never protrude over the top of your collar.

The Shirt

Your shirt is the staple of your outfit. Even if you have on an expensive Armani suit, the wrong shirt can destroy the entire look. The traditional look still works in the workplace, and it’s tried and true – a white shirt or a light blue shirt, clean and pressed. If you are looking for something more exciting without crossing out of the professional wardrobe limits, look for bright vibrant colors in your collared button-down shirts. As long as the shirt is solid-colored and not neon or metallic-colored, you can make it professional by wearing it with nice pants and a great tie.

The Tie

When you are a professional, you cannot wear ties that do not project professionalism. That means saying goodbye to the piano key tie and the one that plays “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” when you squeeze Santa’s nose. Solid-colored ties are safe and classic, but don’t be afraid of patterns. Just make sure that your tie doesn’t clash with the rest of your outfit and that it hangs about two inches above your belt line.

Living Without Credit

Living without credit used to be a lifestyle choice. Now it’s something we’re all going to have to get used to.

Because the days of cheap and easy credit are gone. If you’ve got this far without racking up a huge pile of debt on credit cards, store cards or personal loans then well done – your frugal habits in the good times will stand you in good stead in the coming lean years. For the rest of us, well – it’s going to be a bit of a culture shock!

Here are just a few tips on how to adapt to a credit-free lifestyle:

  • Pay for things you want in cash

As obvious as it might sound, this is the most important one of the lot. Make it your number one rule to not put things on your credit cards or otherwise borry money to pay for them. If not having it isn’t a matter of life or death then wait until you have the cash to pay for it. It’s amazing how expensive certain ‘small’ luxuries seem when you part with greenbacks to get them, rather than put them on a card.

  • Pay for the things you need in cash

There are going to be things that you don’t want to pay for at all. Repairs, school fees, dental work and so on. You know they’re going to come along when you least want them so try and be prepared as much as possible. Start by putting a few dollars every month into an emergency fund. $1,000 is a good starting point, but you really need about 3-6 months worth of living expenses put by to be able to take whatever life throws at you comfortably.

  • Make savings wherever possible

Go through your household expenses with a fine tooth comb and look for places to make savings. Check out different telephone, gas and electricity companies. See if you can save a few dollars by switching to cheaper brands. Even the most frugal household can usually save upwards of $100 every month by clever budgeting. That $100 may feed your emergency fund until you’ve built it up to a comfortable level and then you can divert it to something else that you need or want – like saving for a new car or a holiday.

  • Travel without your credit card

If you’ve got credit available, you’ll spend it. But it’s sometimes difficult to travel without Mastercard , Visa or Amex. So ask your bank for a Debit Card instead. This will only let you spend as much as you have in your accout, so you won’t come back from a fantastic break to a whole pile of worry!

  • Consider your housing situation

As the credit crunch bites in, are you living in a place you’ll be able to afford? Would it make sense to rent somewhere cheaper while house values are tumbling and save money for a deposit so you can buy a new home cheaply a bit later? Don’t make these decisions lightly – be sure to get some proper advice, but do consider this: Do you really want to be tied into a massive mortgage on a home that’s worth less than you borrowed to pay for it? The way things are going, this is a real possibility.

Experts are predicting the most severe recession that most of us have ever seen, or ever will see. If you want to come out the other end in good financial shape then now is the time to make changes. You can check out Docker to know how you can make the process simpler and safer on your end. You’ll learn habits that will help you manage money properly for the rest of your life and pave the way to early financial freedom.

How to Save Money on Cooling Costs

Use a pleated filter and keep it clean. Unless you have allergies or breathing problems, the cheapest pleated filter is perfectly fine. The cheap fiberglass filters that you can see through let larger particles through to clog up your indoor coil. Also, just because a filter says it lasts 3-6 months does not mean that it will last that long in your environment. Check your filter often at first to gauge how long yours will last. Dirty filters or coils can cause the A/C to run less efficiently and even to ice up and stop working in extreme cases. Another problem with the indoor coil that you can check when you are replacing your filter is the condensation drain. It is a good idea to pour a ½-1 cup of bleach down the line to stop the growth of algae and to keep the line from getting clogged and overflowing all over your ceiling or closet or rotting out the emergency drain pan.

Wash the outside unit with water. Take the garden hose and a sprayer or just use your thumb over the end to increase the water pressure to clean the coils. Some units have fins over the coils, just angle the water so it will pass through. This is perfectly safe to do while the unit is running. In fact, if you hear the water hitting the fan blades, you know you are getting completely through the coil. You will get wet doing this, but it’s a hot day, right?

Check the temperature of your attic. Ideally, it should be no more than 10 degrees above the outside temperature. Radiant heat barriers are all the rage right now, but they can be expensive to install. You can do other things first that are much less expensive. You can check your soffit vents and replace them if they are clogged (approx. $1 ea). Air needs to be able to circulate through the attic and the soffit vents allow air to come in under the roof and rise to the top of the attic where there should already be some type of ventilation. A ventilation cap would be the minimum to let the hot air escape, followed by turbine vents for passive ventilation. Some houses have gable-end vents but it seems they aren’t used that much anymore. For active ventilation, you can install power ventilators and they do have solar-powered and electrical models.

Keep the A/C serviced and adjust the Freon levels if needed. Freon doesn’t wear out, but it does leak out in many cases and low Freon can cause the A/C to freeze up and stop working.

If the A/C unit is more than 10 years old, consider replacing it for a more efficient unit.

Any device, whether it is car or AC, has to be replaced after a period of 8 to 10 years as the model is quite old to sustain for a long time and the fact that it has come this far is too much in itself so consider purchasing the Best San Diego AC in town as this is the perfect time.

Motivation- An Irreplaceable Tonic for Inspiration

 We are always advised to take positive thoughts and vibes from wherever we get them as they are the only means for us to maintain a steady pace in life, which is a path that has to be taken until the final destination is in sight.

There is the underlying fact that all of us are taught right from childhood that life is a race and if you don’t keep up the pace then you are bound to lag behind and be crushed by the oncoming runners that is pretty similar to a 100m relay race.

Now what is the one thing that keeps you going in this so called race of life? What is it that you require to keep up the pace with others? What do you require to keep yourself on track without tiring and giving up?

Determining Factor

There can be no doubt regarding the answers to the aforementioned questions and that is motivation. Even if you conduct a survey among the best experts all over the world, everyone will unanimously vote for motivation as that is the single largest thing that makes you do things considered hitherto unimaginable.

Motivation is something that only a fortunate few can get in true sense because parents will always motivate their children due to their excessive fondness for them but what to say about those who don’t have anyone to show them the right path, which is why they take the wrong one right from childhood.

For becoming successful in life, you need to plan it all out from the start, which means you need to decide well in advance what and how to do and that is by formulating an idea.

This is the determining factor that helps you in your various endeavors that fate throws at you from time to time in the form of challenges and obstacles of the highest order just to test your valor and patience in how determined you are in reaching your goal and that too within time.

As mentioned above, positive attitude towards life is the first step towards being happy and motivation is the necessary tonic that you need to get at regular intervals to charge your battery of emotions akin to a mobile phone.

Conduct Research

There are times when you are at crossroads in life and cannot decide what to do, where to go and who to trust as the world is full of dupes and cheats of the highest order who may motivate you but only to do negative things and make you a part of their lifestyle.

In such a scenario, you need to conduct online research about positive things, watch YouTube videos of the best speakers across the world you need to attend seminars of spiritual gurus to enlighten you on life by guiding you towards the path of spirituality, which in turn enables peace of mind.

You can read books written by the best motivation experts all over the globe that can fill your insides with confidence and determination on what to do. The arguments can go on about what all you can do to keep yourself motivated.

Tips for Motivation

  • The most important point is to have a positive outlook towards life alongwith positive thoughts that will help you with a clear vision on how and where to go and which path to take. Just get rid of the negative people around you who are envious of you and try to pull you down
  • Always send positive motivational quotes to your friends and well wishers on social media by looking up for the best motivational whatsapp status quotes on success, which they will reciprocate by sending you similar quotes which will act as a motivational pat on the back
  • Do constantly listen to soothing music to keep your mind at peace and in turn feel a sense of bliss that will instill confidence and bring a positive vibe on life in general

  • Stop constantly comparing yourself with your peers as that is one of the major factors that derails your outlook on life and brings down the motivation level to an abysmal depth
  • List out the goals that you have achieved to boost your confidence and make a new one simultaneously in order to keep the motivation going so as to be successful in these endeavors as well

Building Kitchen Cabinets

Choose a type of wood that corresponds with your vision. Are you looking for a clear varnish over a darker wood, a darker varnish over a natural light wood, or a clear varnish over a light wood, preserving its color?

Start with the basic rectangular pieces of wood that you will be used to replace your doors with. Measure the L x W of the cabinet opening for good measure. You do want your doors to close around the opening along with linear rail, however. How thick a perimeter to leave around the opening of the cabinet is up to you. The bottom edge of the door can be brought down to the base of the cabinet, or just to peek over the inside rim of the cabinet about 1″. Architecturally, when you have decided on the design, take the measurements of your final decision and cut all doors with a corresponding cabinet size to the same size as your “template” door. Don’t forget to put into account the measurements of different sized cabinetry.

When the cabinets are cut, I would say it is imperative to bevel the fronts of the cabinets unless you are going for a stark and sleek look about your kitchen. If the rest of your kitchen is decorative and there is no beveling on the cabinet doors, it will just look boring and out of place. This would be the case unless of course you are building cabinet doors out of precutting materials and glass and you are just assembling the pieces and the glass, then attaching them to your cabinets with hinges.

After the beveling is done comes the process of staining or varnishing your cabinet doors. Use a paintbrush and do this in a well-ventilated area, preferably outside. Try not to breathe in the harsh chemicals. Stain the front side and allow the appropriate time for the stain to dry. You may choose to stain the backside of the cabinets, though it is not quite necessary.

After your doors have been beveled in a nice design and stained to their perfect color, you may choose to pick out the proper hardware for the color scheme that you have chosen. The handles and the hinges should be of corresponding types of metal unless of course, the handles you choose are an enamel or glass type.

Measure where you want the handles to go with a tape measure, and mark the same measurement on every door. Drill a hole through the door with a drill bit in a corresponding size to the door handle if it is the type of handle that goes directly through to the other side. Otherwise, use an electric drill to screw in the small screws which will accompany the handles. Have an extra hand with you to help hold the doors in place and pass you the necessary tools during this process. Here is a diagram I have found online demonstrating the proper assemblage of the doors and hinges. Once the hinges are attached to the cabinet, and the door, you should have a fully functioning beautiful cabinet made by you.

Law Of Attraction: Bring Abundance And Prosperity In Your Life

The Law of Attraction is a very popular and confusing subject. Many people want to change their lives and bring more prosperity and abundance into it and don’t know where to start. Most don’t realize that the foundation for these changes is fairly simple and commonly overlooked. The easiest way to make the Law of Attraction work for you is to start with gratitude and you Download Manifestation Magic that is going to help you even more. A simple change in your perception of the world around you will change your energy and help you to think in terms of abundance and not lack. An attitude of gratitude and appreciation will bring more wonderful blessings into your life.

A good way to start is to make a list of things you are grateful for in a separate notebook or journal. You can write down anything you are grateful for even the simplest things. Gratitude for your health, a roof over your head, even for the job you might not want to go to in the morning. As the pages in your book are filled, you will notice how many things you normally would take for granted. And the book will remind you of how much abundance you currently have in your life.

A less time consuming and popular way to appreciate what you have is an item designated as a gratitude reminder. You can have a bracelet that reminds you to be grateful, a picture, or as pictured in the popular movie ‘The Secret’ a gratitude rock. Whatever you use, just start thinking about everything you have in your life and how grateful you are whenever you use it.

When you sense yourself focusing on what you don’t have you are drawing more of that negative energy to yourself. Being appreciative and grateful sends an abundant message and is a powerful change in consciousness. We are constantly attracting to us what we think about and focus on whether we want to or not. The Law of Attraction does not discriminate, nor does it decipher right from wrong. You get back the same energy that you put out into the world.

Whether it is your health, money, or relationships, it is important to focus on the positive and never the negative. Never get stuck in a state where you are constantly thinking about what you are missing, or how bad you feel about something. You are unconsciously bringing more of the same feelings and situations to yourself.

Focus on the positive, be in a constant state of appreciation and gratitude. Try it for a week and see the difference in your attitude and the change in your circumstances. Everything is attraction and energy. It is of utmost importance to ignore the negative. You create your world, start with gratitude, and watch your world drastically change right before your eyes.