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Which Are The Most Effective Foods For Healthy Skin

In terms of the way that we appear, we’re more likely to utilize cosmetic products to make a difference. Everyone knows that we need to care for our own bodies in order to age gracefully and if we are to look good as we go forward. We believe, correctly, that when we don’t do anything to look after the outer skin by purifying, exfoliating, toning, hydrating and safeguarding from the sun’s rays, then we can’t plan to show a glow.

Ethos Spa Laser Center is guiding people about the balanced diet. The eating of proper food is essential to have reduction in hair loss. The removing of the facial hair is possible to have more benefits and desired results under the budget of the people.

Apart from worrying over the way that we appear, it is vital to care for the outer skin from an overall health point of view. It is a big, bad planet out there and we have to deal with it each and every day. There are no assurances for the future, but the more consideration we devote to the way that we care for ourselves, the better. This leads all of us to a frequently disregarded reality. We are what we eat.

In this case, what are the greatest foods for healthy skin? Whatever we place in our bodies is as vital as the products that we use to care for our outer skin. Don’t think that you’ll be able to achieve perfect health and good skin if you do not also eat the right food items and exercise properly.

It is at times odd that we all don’t give as much consideration as we really should to diet for taking care of our skin. We’re frequently told that we must take in food that’s “heart healthy,” thereby steering clear of all the fatty foods and the like. But what in particular should we be focusing on in terms of skincare? Which are the best foods for healthy skin?

If you concentrate on a diet regime loaded with certain fruit and veggies, you are well on your way to reaching your aim. Foods that are an excellent source of antioxidants help to fight all of the air-borne toxins. Free radicals want to damage the outer skin cells and the antioxidants in a few types of fruit are acknowledged to protect us. Find blueberries, blackberries and strawberries. Berries have been discovered to have some of the highest antioxidant levels.

For vibrant skin, a certain amount of low-fat milk is a great strategy. Vitamin A is paramount in this case and even though you’ll be able to obtain it within a dietary supplement, it is safer to get it by eating low-fat yogurt, as an example. Low fat yogurt, as you may already know, contains a specific amount of living bacteria which has been proven to battle harmful enzymes in the gastrointestinal system. It is theorized that this can have a very good impact on the look of your skin too.

Not many of us consume the amount of water as we really should. Water is certainly critical for always keeping your skin looking healthy. Professionals concur that people should consume 8 glasses per day. Tell the truth, can you recall the last time that you did that? Our body is largely composed of water and we all have to make sure our bodies are properly hydrated, move the nutrients on to the ideal locations and flush all those contaminants out. Don’t just drink water if you are thirsty and keep away from anything other than water when you are focusing on your skincare.

What Are The Benefits Of Consuming CBD Gummies?

CBD-infused supplementations have many of the advantages of cannabinoids and handle their users with sweetness. The best Natural gummies on offer, manufactured out of organic materials, produce good CBDs and tested for external laboratories found in hemp drugs’ growing field. Cannabidiol gummies are common with consumers as it masks a sweetness hit with the normal terrestrial flavour of cannabinoids.

There are several CBD gummies commercially available. However, an efficient one can be challenging to identify.

The catch is, many vendors coat with hemp oil on the exteriors of gummies and distribute it as a natural CBD Gummy. Products brushed mostly, covered, or poured in cannabis edible oil or paste do not imply that they are CBD-containing. Is it any different than those other CBD-containing products? Yes, these are surely very different and have their advantage.

What are the Health Benefits?

Effects against inflammation

CBD works to regulate the inflammatory reactions of our system. Although acute inflammation represents a natural reaction to illness in our bodies, chronic inflammation affects healthy cells. Therefore, it can cause a range of several other chronic illnesses.

Assistance in any discomfort

CBD is indeed helpful in treating various types of discomfort, much as many other substances present in cannabis. That’s also partly due to their anti-inflammatory activity, but research also suggests that such hemp products could change the way important indicators could be handled. Because of their pain-relieving properties, CBD items like chewy candies, for instance, are getting progressively well known as an option in contrast to standard painkillers like ibuprofen, headache medicine, and so forth.

Advances skin wellbeing

You may have seen the blast in hemp/CBD skin items. That is because CBD and other cannabinoids can initiate exceptional receptors in the skin. In doing as such, they can invigorate new cell development and deal with manifestations like irritation and tingling. This makes them appealing treatment choices for conditions like skin inflammation, skin breaks out, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Sound Sleep

One of the numerous reasons CBD chewy candies are so well known is their capacity to help you rest adequately. The compound can address the underlying drivers of helpless rest. These may include:

  • Chronic throbs
  • Diagnosed conditions (a sleeping disorder, nervousness)
  • External factors that upset rest (noisy environmental factors)
  • Caffeine
  • Certain drug

Studies show that CBD treatment in 72 subjects with helpless rest cycles experienced better sleep quality. All it took was a portion of 25 mg of CBD every day for a month. One sticky every day can bring about better rest.

Additionally, CBD can advance homeostasis, a condition of equilibrium that keeps the body working appropriately.

CBD for Anxiety

As a compound, cannabidiol (CBD) can adjust the serotonergic framework. Serotonin is a synapse that adjusts one’s pressure. Lower serotonin levels have been related to tension and other pressure issues.

Out of the relative multitude of items, chewy candies come in the most assortment of flavours. An individual with nervousness and discouragement experiences a more increased concern than the ordinary Sunday panics and misery. Nervousness issues are not transitory and can deteriorate after some time. As a burden, sorrow can meddle with everyday life in moderate to extraordinary ways.

Effective Ways Of Dealing With Lower Back Pain

For the millions of people that are frequently experiencing various kinds of back pain, nothing could be better than finding a lower back pain treatment that will eliminate the pain for good. Most cases of lower back pain are triggered by either the excessive use of the back muscles or the deterioration of the bone and muscle quality in the back due to old age. The good news is that lower back pain is generally treatable and in fact can be avoided if you follow certain preventive measures.

How to Prevent Lower Back Pain

Despite the wide availability of effective lower back pain treatment products, it is still much better to not go through the pain at all rather than have to cure it with various treatment procedures. There are several things you can do to prevent the occurrence of lower back pain but the most important by far is to engage in regular exercises for the back. As mentioned earlier, most cases of back pain happen due to muscle strain. This can be prevented if your muscles are stronger and more flexible, which you can achieve with regular exercise. There is no need for complicated routines either. Simple bending exercises — forward, backward and to the sides — are usually enough to keep your back muscles strong and healthy.

Lower back pain can also be prevented by improving your posture and knowing the proper way of how to carry heavy objects. Many people think that these things are irrelevant but they are in fact very crucial in the prevention of back pain.

Lower Back Pain Treatment Options

Lower back pain treatment comes in just as many varieties as lower back pain prevention. For mild cases, the best treatment would be the application of a warm compress to the affected area and the use of CBD oil for pain in the affected area. This works wonderfully for most people, relieving the pain almost instantly. For moderate cases, or those where the pain doe not go away after using a warm compress, over-the-counter or prescription medication may be used. The exact drug will depend on the recommendation of your doctor. Lower back pain medications are highly effective in making the pain subside, however, most of them trigger adverse side effects, especially in the liver. If you want to avoid these nasty side effects, you can use natural methods to relieve your lower back pain. Among the most effective are massage therapy and acupuncture. These remedies are not traditionally prescribed by doctors but they are just as effective as most medications available today.

How Are Your Bones And Back Pain Related

If you have something wrong with your bones, you might wind up with back pain. There are about 206 skeletal bones in the body. The bones have red blood cells, marrow, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. All of these things work together to help you and your body work well together and be healthy. These skeletal bones allow us to do all we do; move walk, sit, stand and so on, while keeping our bodies erect and protecting our organs. It is to the bones that the muscles are attached and allow us to move. The back doctor near me can tell you about the number of bones available in the body. The collection of the information related to it is essential for the people. There is no prevailing pain in the muscles of the individuals. It is necessary for you to gather complete details and have desired results in treatment. 

Bones with problems can lead to back pain in many different ways. For instance, if you have problems with the way your bones are aligned, such as in the way that the spine can be aligned, you can suffer from pinched or irritated nerves, which can cause severe back pain.

Injured Bones Cause Pain

You might not realize it, but some injuries which bones can suffer, such as stress fractures can be felt as high up as in your back. This is not because of the injury itself, but it has more to do with the changes you make to your lifestyle that will affect your back.

For instance, if you have a stress fracture in your foot, you are likely to begin walking differently in an effort to ease some of your pain. This can cause you to put more pressure on your other leg than you would ordinarily and force the other side of your body to absorb most of the shock that taking each step can cause. Over time, while your foot might be healing, your back muscles are becoming strained and tired and once they are overused, can wind up causing you to suffer from back pain.

The same can be said if you break an arm. Though the bone that is damaged is your arm bone, you are shifting the bulk of your activities to one side of the body, which in turn will force one side of the body to get more strain than the other. This will likely cause the other side to become weak and get strained once you begin to use it again.

Other Problems With Bones and Back Pain

There are other problems with bones that can cause you back pain such as arthritis, which affects the joints, but has to do with the skeletal bones and brittle bones, or osteoporosis. In many cases, when a person has cancer of the bones, they can feel pain in their back first.

You might also have a curvature of the spine or other spinal problem which is causing your back pain. Even with arthritis in the spine, it’s really important to know what you’re dealing with when it comes to bones which might be causing you back pain. In some cases, a broken rib can cause you severe back pain and in other cases, you might have no back pain at all.

Since your bones are such an essential part of the body, it’s important that any time you think you have injured one, whether it’s in your back or anywhere else, you seek the medical attention you need for back pain relief. This can help you to avoid not only long term damage to the bone itself but also to the back and help to eliminate back pain before it starts.

Are you looking for a facelift? Check for the Botox treatment

A nonsurgical facelift is a blend of negligibly obtrusive and nonsurgical systems intended to restore and revive the appearance. Contrasted and a careful facelift, these methods don’t need massive cuts, general sedation, or overnight hospitalization. The noninvasive medicines get patients all through the specialist’s office rapidly, with minimal post-operation uneasiness and little personal time. Even though you won’t “go under the blade,” the counter maturing results from a non-surgical facelift are as yet critical.

The segments of a nonsurgical facelift 

Each nonsurgical facelift is specially custom fitted to meet the person’s enjoyable necessities. An assortment of noninvasive methods is accessible, tending to anything from scarcely discernible differences, profound wrinkles, remiss skin, diminishing lips, depressed cheeks, huge pores, skin inflammation scarring, and the deficiency of facial volume. Basic segments of a nonsurgical facelift include:

Dermal fillers 

Dermal fillers are a foundation of nonsurgical facelifts. These smooth-gel injectibles quickly reestablish volume along the cheeks, sanctuaries, lips, and under the eyes. Plumping indented zones, soft shadows are killed, making energetic liveliness. Set along with the Nasolabial Folds or Marionette Lines, fillers can make definition and smooth tissues without a wrinkle look. Dermal fillers can be produced using a few items, including dampness-rich Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Their plumping and smoothing properties can last from a half year to over an entire year.


A significant piece of the nonsurgical facelift puzzle, Botox offers an unparalleled wrinkle decrease. They are frequently used to smooth brow wrinkles, grimace lines, and crow’s feet, Botox deals with any unique wrinkle. Briefly loosening up the focus on muscle, Botox smooths lines related to redundant articulations. Even though Botox doesn’t give prompt wrinkle alleviation, patients will get about one to about fourteen days. Advantages of Botox can take the most recent three months.

Fat infusions 

Fat infusions are a semi-intrusive RevitalizeYou M.D., utilizing fatty tissue extricated through liposuction on an alternate body territory. These fat cells are cleaned and prepared, and reinjected into the face to upgrade facial volume. The living fat cells will coordinate with the current issues, offering energetic forms that will keep going for quite a long time to come.

Needleless medicines 

A few nonsurgical facelift segments work to make a gleaming appearance while avoiding the needle inside and out. Cutting edge compound strips are a trusted, noninvasive method, contracting huge pores and improving generally speaking skin quality. Dermabrasion and microdermabrasion reemerge and peel the skin, freeing dry and harmed tissue. 

Nonsurgical facelift support 

Noninvasive medicines should be rehashed like clockwork to keep up ideal outcomes. Note that the more determined you are tied in with keeping up these nonsurgical medicines, over the long run, the less you may require. After a Botox meeting, as the skin and muscles are loose, articulation lines won’t deteriorate, which means fewer items can give comparative outcomes later.

Moreover, the HA in dermal fillers will expand the body’s collagen creation, making a durable framework layer underneath the skin. Wrinkles are not as profound, so later on, fewer needles of fillers might be required.

Regardless of the treatment, the maturing interaction will proceed. Working with a board-ensured plastic specialist implies that each nonsurgical facelift can be exceptionally custom fitted for your skin’s developing requirements. Ultimately, if the noninvasive strategies cannot accomplish the ideal outcomes, surgery can be thought of.


On the off chance that a nonsurgical facelift is important to you, talk with a certified, board-ensured plastic specialist. ASPS can help you locate an accomplished plastic specialist in your general vicinity. Get your work done. With an accredited group, a nonsurgical facelift can rapidly require a very long time off your appearance, and nobody will at any point realize you had anything done.

Looking At The Best Vista Muscle Exercise

Looking into a Vista exercise gym that will change the way you feel? Well you have different locations that you can join in order to get into shape. They will range in costs and benefits that you will get with a monthly membership. Picking the one that you feel will be able to feel comfortable in and exercise at is very important. The best treatment for inner thigh fat is available to the people. Learning about them is essential to remove or eliminate excessive weight from the body. You will get a slim and trim body to have the major benefits with no mistakes available on the health.

It’s very important when you begin a Vista exercise program that you have the right attitude and commitment to the process. No matter what you pay for membership fees, if you don’t show up, you will never see any changes in your body. Motivation can be found in different ways so think of ways that you can provide yourself with the right amount so that you will go to the location you choose.

Look into different ways to start a Vista exercise program. Things like gyms, home workouts, and health clubs, boot camps, or fitness centers. All of these choices will work as long as you use them often. Don’t sign up for a place that will cost too much money and you won’t be able to pay. And don’t join one that you don’t feel you will go to and exercise.

A gym will be what most people will consider joining. Many will have a special deal when you sign up for a contract to join. Look for those offers, as well as if you get a personal trainer along with those fees each month. Personal trainers are paid to motivate you and push you hard. Not only can they make a unique workout for you to use, but they will work with your nutrition also. It’s also harder to skip a gym session when you know a trainer is waiting there for you.

Yet something else you may want to look into is a fitness center. Offering you personal trainers and machines to work out on, but also giving camps that you can join. Camps can be specialized for different things, and you should ask the staff to see what kind of things are included in the monthly fee you will be paying.

One camp you can look into at a fitness center, or other locations as well, is the boot camp. Boot camps can be a great way to start your Vista exercise program. Showing results in only four or six weeks, and having you in fantastic shape. They will also work with you on the right ways to eat, you can continue the exercise gym after a boot camp in any way.

What about a place where you can not only life weights and do classes, but play tennis. Or swim in the pool and participate in aquatic exercise programs? That would be a health club, and they have many activities that you will be able to participate in. Many will also have nutritionist on staff that can assist you in the right for you to eat.

You may also want to look into a health club for you Vista exercise activities. They have the most women exercise of any option as far as what you can do.

Best All Natural Weight Loss Products – Know them

The weight loss products that are found on the market nowadays are swamped with claims to treat obesity and bring quick weight loss for everybody. What people don’t know is that some of these fast weight loss products have considerable amounts of caffeine, laxative-like compounds and some even have toxic stimulants that cause side effects.

If dr. Hardik Soni on fat freezing for breasts is the best choice, then you should select him. The services in the center are the best one for the individual. There is no causing of side-effects on the body of the people. The use of compounds will freeze the fat and remove the excessive one from the body.

The all natural weight loss products have successfully hit the supplement industry over the last few years thanks to the desire of many to use the holistic products over chemicals. It is expected that people will start avoiding the chemical products that claim miracles and end up leaving you with horrible side effects.

All natural weight loss products provide really good benefits over their typical counterparts. The nice thing about using these products is that they are time tested and can aid your body in getting into its own bio-rhythm.

Here’s information about some of the more popular all natural weight loss products today:

1. Proactol

This all natural weight loss product is a clinically proven, patented fibre complex that is an 100% natural & organic fat binding pill. It helps in preventing up to 25% of the fat from the food that we eat from being absorbed into our body. This supplement is made from the dehydrated leaves of the cactus Opuntia Ficus-Indica. This all natural weight loss product is guaranteed as a safe weight loss supplement with no side effects.

2. Pure Acai Berry

This all natural weight loss product works by cleansing the body from toxins and speeding up metabolism. It increases the speed of the digestive system causing the food to move more quickly than usual. This results in eliminating food from the body quickly and allows it lesser time to gather in the body and be stored as fat.

This weight loss product also has other health benefits such as strengthening the immune system and increasing mental awareness and sharpness. Aside from that, the Acai Berry ingredient used in this supplement is 100% pure, unaltered and untouched.

3. Unique Hoodia

This all natural weight loss product has 100% pure and untouched Hoodia Gordonii. The most important substance of Hoodia Gordonii is the p57 molecule. After many years of endless researching and testing, the p57 molecule has been found to have exceptional appetite suppressant properties. So, when you consume the p57 substance, it will lessen or get rid of the feeling of hunger and you will begin eating smaller portions than usual because you will feel full. Aside from that, all the Hoodia Gordonii found in the Unique Hoodia product comes from USDA certified farms.

How To Choose The Best Plastic Surgery Institute – A Guide

Plastic surgery consists of a set of procedures that cause major changes to one’s appearance. There have been several cases where the reconstructive procedure results have not been in sync with the picture the patient had in mind. As such procedures are expensive and have long-lasting effects, anyone willing to undergo plastic surgery must do their research before choosing the plastic surgery institute and the plastic surgeon.

What are the factors that one must consider while selecting a plastic surgery institute? Generally, people tend to browse plastic surgeons near them and select one from among the top results. However, the topmost results may not always be the best choice.

Important factors to consider

With the help of the factors discussed below, one can easily select the top institute for plastic surgery.

  • Board certification

It is the first and most important factor to consider. Patients should check whether the doctors are in the hospital are board-certified. It is not easy to obtain certification. Doctors must complete a minimum number of surgeries, train under experts, and pass examinations.

Therefore, with a team of certified cosmetic surgeons, one can be sure that the procedure will go just as planned.

  • Before/After photographs

The before/after photographs of past patients can very well reveal the surgeon’s expertise. One should not shy away from requesting to look at the gallery of pictures of past patients.

It is a good idea to look at patients who had the same skin complexion and type. It would give a better idea of what one can expect after the surgery. Of course, each body is different, and cosmetic procedures are not fixed for all. However, looking at similar patient’s photos is the closest thing one can do to visualize the results.

  • Accredited surgery center

The surgeons may be board certified. But are they working in an accredited center? Accreditation is important because it is a sign that all the safety norms are in place. An accredited plastic surgery center has the right equipment and infrastructure needed for the procedure.

The surgery needs specialists – anaesthesiologist and other assisting members apart from the surgeon performing the surgery. If the hospital is not accredited, the tools may not be upgraded, the infrastructure sub-standard, or the surgical team incompetent. All of these increase the risk of the surgery, not turning out as desired.

  • Specialization

Some cosmetic surgeons specialize in certain procedures or focus on a single body part after their general training. For instance, if one wants to get a breast reduction surgery, it would be a safer option to look for a surgeon specializing in the procedure.

Compared to a surgeon who routinely performs surgery on multiple parts of the body, a specialist would repeat the particular procedure more often. Thus, there is a chance that their methods are up-to-date. Some highly qualified surgeons are the best in the field even though they perform different procedures. Those who are considering more than one procedure can consult such doctors.

  • Additional qualifications

While choosing a plastic surgery institute, one must visit their website to know more about the surgeons employed. The medical field is one that grows leaps and bounds in a short period. Thus, every patient has the right to know whether their surgeon keeps himself/herself in the loop.

One can check the surgeon’s CV to know about their additional qualifications – paper publications, and conferences attended as attendee and speaker, certifications in certain techniques, positions in advisory boards, and so on. It is a huge plus if the institute itself hosts conferences and other events related to plastic surgery.

Factors that shouldn’t matter

Some people tend to consider the wrong factors while selecting an institute for their plastic surgery. Here are a few factors where people go wrong.

  • Long waiting period

Patients should not be put off by the fact that the hospital has a long waiting time. It is generally a sign that the clinic/hospital provides excellent service and is a popular choice. Cosmetic procedures usually do not fall under the emergency surgery category. Thus, waiting for the appointment should not be an issue.

  • The cost

A hospital whose fees are too good to be true should not be believed right away. Cosmetic procedures involve the usage of several cutting-edge types of equipment, which are quite expensive. Therefore, the procedures are expensive too. Patients who fall for hospitals that provide surgeries at unusually cheap costs may end up regretting their decision.

The final word

Reconstructive surgeries change the appearance of the body for good. Thus, even if there is a minor mistake, the patient usually has no option but to live with it. That is why one has to exercise caution while deciding the institute to get the procedure done.

Board-certified surgeons with specialized training, accredited surgery centers, several patients keeping the doctors busy, hospitals that go the extra mile to enable their surgeons to stay up-to-date and satisfactory before-after images of past patients are good signs that one has selected the best plastic surgery institute.

As the patient starts browsing online, they will get an idea about a particular hospital’s general reputation through reviews by past patients. This can be considered too. As it is a delicate procedure, no patient must settle for less. If the patient is traveling out of town to get the procedure done, make sure to discuss post-op care and transportation facilities beforehand.

Self Improvement Analysis- Go through Books for a Better Solution

This is going to be an interesting read for people that are firmly set on what they want to do in life but are unable to work out a way on how to accomplish said goals in the shortest possible time as they are confused on how and where to begin with.

Today’s youngsters are quite impulsive on their actions as they want to accomplish everything in a day which is why they take up many tasks in one go and end up biting off more than they can chew.

The biggest problem with them is that they don’t want to take anybody’s help and want to do everything on their own because of their self inflated ego and superiority complex that doesn’t make them realize that life isn’t as easy as it seems for them due to them being under the shelter and comforts of their parents.


To be honest, there is little that can be done about them as they won’t realize the grave problem unless they are exposed to it first hand, where they would start seeing the harsh realities of life and start committing mistakes one by one.

It is these mistakes that will lead them to the path of self improvement where they will realize life’s struggles through constant failure that would make them frustrated for which they would desperately start working out a solution which so happens to become easy to manage in the long term.

Reading self help books is a great solution where you are given 75 hard brownie points on how to manage day to day tasks that would help in identifying your mistakes and analyzing them so that they are not repeated again.

This is a foolproof way to improve your personality in a positive manner where you become mentally strong, polite and patient while going through any struggle.

The Effects of What You Drink on Your Weight

Do you order a salad with light dressing and then wash it down with a glass of sugar-sweetened fruit juice? While that fruit juice may taste sweet with your salad, its affect on your weight maybe more substantial than you think. According to a recent study, what you drink may actually be more important than what you eat when it comes to determining your weight.

The effects of what you drink: What the studies show

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that high caloric beverages may contribute more to weight gain than even the food you eat on a daily basis. This study which was conducted on adults between the ages of twenty-five and seventy-nine showed that those who drank sugar-sweetened caloric beverages with their meals experienced significantly more weight gain over an eighteen month period than those who drank diet drinks and other low caloric beverages.

This isn’t the first time sugar-sweetened, high caloric beverages have been associated with weight gain. A study published in JAMA in 2004 showed that not only did drinks sweetened with sugar promote weight, but they also increased the risk of Type 2 diabetes. It’s thought that the simple sugars found in fruit-sweetened drinks are readily absorbed from the intestinal tract causing an insulin spike which may increase the risk of fat storage and weight gain. Plus, most sugar-sweetened drinks are high in calories which can quickly add up, especially if you’re drinking them with every meal. So instead of spending your money on these unhealthy food, why not spend it on resurge supplement that can help you lose weight and burn fat effectively. This brand is one of the trusted products in the market.

The effects of what you drink: Don’t beverage calories count?

It’s not surprising that what you drink would be an important factor in determining your weight. Many people count calories when they sit down to eat a meal and completely disregard the beverage they’re washing it down with. In the minds of some people, the calories in liquids don’t count. All it takes are a few cans of soft drink or a high calorie coffee drink to blow thirty percent of the day’s recommended calories. Some people choose the fruit juice alternative, which is a far healthier option than a soft drink, but may be loaded with calories particularly if additional sugar is added.

The effects of what you drink: The bottom line.

If you want to increase your chance of losing weight, it may be time to reconsider what you drink on a daily basis. Try keeping a food and drink diary for two weeks and see how many calories you’re taking in from both food and high caloric beverages. You may be surprised at what you discover.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to high caloric beverages that are satisfying and virtually calorie free. Instead of sipping on that sugar-sweetened carbonated beverage, substitute a cup of green tea or a glass of water flavored with slices of fresh fruit. Coffee can also be enjoyed without adding half-and-half and sugar. Try adding fat-free skim or soy milk along with calorie-free Stevia as a sweetener. Keep in mind that you can save up to five hundred calories a day just be changing what you drink and that translates into a pound of weight loss per week. At that rate you’ll be slipping into those size six jeans in no time!