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How to Achieve the Perfect Tan with Bronzing Powder


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Lower Back Pain Causes And Effective Treatments That You Can Consider! Check This Out

My boyfriend suffers from lower back pain a lot and he is only 23 years old. Here’s the thing, though, he sits and plays video games in a uncomfortable chair when he is not working. When he is at work he does a lot of sitting, standing and lifting. The combination of these things have wrecked havoc on his lower back. Surprisingly this very day, after years of lower back pain, his back feels amazing and he just got done working a three day out of town forty hour excursion. What is his secret to curing his lower back pain? Go to the Chiropractor! You are going to be presently surprised by how much it will cost you; mind you that some places are more than others. You need to shop around when going to the Chiropractor for your lower back pain. My boyfriend has managed to pay the small fee of thirty five dollars per session.

No matter what you are going to have to pay some money initially for your lower back pain. After you go to the Chiropractor I would highly recommend purchasing some sort of back massaging tool; you want to get something that has a lot of vibration and possibly even moving balls. These machines can be pretty pricey sometimes but you can search on line for the machines you will most likely find better deals on those products that will help cure your lower back pain. Make sure you have someone who can use it on you to help cure your lower back pain. After you have made this purchase you will probably not have to go back to the Chiropractor. The machine helps keep your muscles loose and break up protein build-ups that can make your lower back hurt.

Another thing that you need to do is get up and walk around. Make sure when walking that you try to walk as normally as possible try not to give into any lower back pain. If you keep your strides uniform if anything is out of place it will gradually shift back to it’s correct spot. Plus if you had previously attended the Chiropractor their work on your lower back will not be in vain. Other exercise that are good for lower back pain include strengthening and stretching exercises. Never push yourself to hard when doing this exercises because sometimes it can hurt more than it can help if you push fixing your lower back pain to much.

Also I can’t stress this enough but get a new mattress if yours is more than ten years old! I know that mattresses are big expense but it can do wonders for your lower back. My boyfriend bought himself a new firm mattress from a local distributor. Make sure you check with your local Craigslist before buying one from the store because they usually have some pretty good deals as Scoliosis is a regional spine center for the treatment of back and neck problems which takes time to recover because its all related to the nerves of the neurological system of body.

My boyfriend got his mattress for $150 dollars with a five year warranty. It has really helped his lower back pain. I know that this sounds like a lot of money and it is but walking around with lower back pain really sucks! It’s worth the investment to feel good inside and out.

What You Should Know About Weight Loss Surgery For Children

No doubt today’s youth are getting fatter, and childhood obesity is reaching epidemic proportions. According to the North American Association for the Study of Obesity (NAASO), over 15 percent of America’s children and adolescents are considered clinically obese, while even more youngsters are considered to be overweight. The importance of these figures becomes clearer when we realize they represent a threefold increase from just 30 years ago. Is weight loss surgery the answer for our morbidly obese youth?

In addition to the psychological consequences, such as depression, low self-esteem, and poor body image, obese children face health consequences too. Diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol levels are being seen in younger children, and many also live with sleep apnea and orthopedic problems. This is where weight loss options such as Coolsculpting can be used. A completely safe and affordable way to rid of your belly fat by freezing it. Moreover, you also get the option of CoolSculpting arms and armpit fat that will help you in getting a better shape as quickly as possible.

In February 2007, the Associated Press released an article that indicates a growing number of doctors are supportive of weight loss surgery for children. In 2004, just 350 kids in the U.S. had weight loss surgery. But with improvements in the techniques of weight loss surgery, a growing number of young people are going under the knife in their effort to combat obesity. Although many have been very pleased with the results, not everyone is anxious to subject a growing body to such serious surgery.

The two types of weight loss surgery are gastric bypass and laparoscopic gastric banding. Simply put, gastric bypass makes the stomach smaller by sectioning off the upper part of the stomach using staples. A section of the small intestine is then connected to the small pouch. When food is eaten, it goes from the pouch through the new connection to the small intestine, bypassing the lower portion of the stomach. Gastric banding involves laparoscopically installing an elastic collar around the stomach, essentially limiting the amount of food and drink a person can consume.

Weight loss surgery alters the digestive tract, and there is still little known about the long-term effects on adolescents. Although laparoscopic gastric banding is the least invasive of the two types of weight loss surgery, complications do occur, and the death rate is about 1 in 1,000 patients. The most common complications with laparoscopic gastric banding are more surgery to adjust a slipping band, hernias, infections, iron deficiencies and hair loss related to nutritional deficiencies.

Among the risks of gastric bypass surgery are bleeding, infections, follow-up surgeries to correct complications, gallstones resulting from significant weight loss in a short amount of time, iron or vitamin B12 deficiencies that can lead to anemia, and calcium deficiency that can contribute to the development of early osteoporosis or other bone disorders.

Proponents and supporters of weight loss surgery for children argue that these complications are minor compared to chronic diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and the other physical and emotional problems adolescents face if they remain clinically or morbidly obese into adulthood. Health care professionals also contend that once a child reaches the point of morbid obesity, the chances are he or she will go on to be a morbidly obese adult.

Although weight loss surgery is believed by a growing number of health care providers to be immensely beneficial to some kids, virtually all of them caution against weight loss surgery for the sole purpose of thinness as extolled by the media and popular society. It is also important that psychological issues be addressed prior to any weight loss surgery.

How To Fix The Heating Element On An Electric Range

A basic electric range isn’t a high-tech appliance. If you’re having problems with your electric range, chances are you can repair it yourself after a few diagnostic checks or adjustments. There are several troubleshooting techniques to try before calling a professional to repair your electric range. You may discover you can fix your electric range yourself. Fixing your electric range without calling an appliance repairman can save a lot of time as well as money.

The most common issues and problems that occur with electric ranges involve the heating elements. The good new is, electric range heating elements are easy to check, and they are easy to change should they require replacement. Anyone can change the heating element on their electric range.

Checking an Electric Range Heating Element

If a heating element on your electric range doesn’t seem to be doing its job, examine the element when it’s set at the highest adjustment. If the entire element isn’t glowing brightly when the range is set on the hottest setting, the element is beginning to fail and will require replacement. When an element is going bad, it may become super hot in one particular spot. This superheated spot can cause irreparable damage to pots and pans. It’s best to stop using the burner and replace the element as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that heat only as much as needed and excess of anything may even lead to loss of life and property and burners are slowly being replaced by induction cookers. Oil Heat Services & Delivery to New Jersey are doing the rounds in order to replace certain electrical items.

Electric range elements should also be checked for corrosion and grime. Before taking apart an electric range or any electric appliance, first and foremost make sure it’s unplugged. When the element has cooled completely, lift up on it slightly so it clears the drip pan, and pull it straight out. Look at the prongs to see if they are black, corroded, or dirty. Cleaning the contacts may fix an element that isn’t heating.

If you are unsure if an element on your electric range is bad, test the element by plugging into an equal sized burner receptacle. If the element doesn’t work in a receptacle you know works, the element is definitely bad. If you can’t check the element on your electric range, take it to an electric range repairman and have them test it with their equipment. The price of testing an element at the shop will be far less than calling a repairman to your home. If an element proves to be bad, it will of course require replacement. If an element is tested and proves to be good, the receptacle is more than likely bad, and it will need to be replaced.

When locating an element for replacement, don’t make the mistake of going to an appliance repair shop. A company that repairs electric ranges will of course add their fee to the price of the part. Go directly to the supplier for electric range replacement parts. Save yourself time and money. Look in your local yellow pages, or shop online to find the lowest price for electric range elements.

Replacing an Electric Baoiking or Broiling Element

Electric baking and broiling elements don’t just pull out like range top elements, but don’t be intimidated. An electric baking or broiling element is easy to remove and replace. To remove and replace an electric baking or broiling element all you’ll need is a screwdriver. Simply remove any screws that hold the element in place, pull the element toward you, and unscrew any attached wires. Replacing the element is as easy as removing it. Just attach the wires to the new element, push it back into place, and reattach the screws.

Aromatherapy: An Alternative Medical Practice

Aromatherapy makes use of the various aromatic compounds and liquids of different plants in order to affect the mood and health of a person and make it better. The liquid and volatile compounds of these particular plants are also known as Essential Oils or EO and these compounds are significantly different from the other herbal products that are popular in the market. The Essential Oils gathered for aromatherapy are richer in monoterpenes and other VOC or volatile organic compounds.

Aromatherapy is used as an alternative medicine and is often combined with various other alternative medical practices. Nowadays people are more aware of aromatherapy as it is getting popular with time. The various massaging products incorporate the essential oils these days. Science has yet to prove the power of aromatherapy when it comes to curing the health of a person but people who have been making use of this therapy over the years claim that they have been bettered by the usage of the essential oils and the various products which are included in aromatherapy.

There are various ways in which aromatherapy is applied for instance, sometimes it is suggested that the person should directly inhale the product and this will help to disinfect the respiratory system. Direct inhalation also has got its positive psychological effects. Then of course there are massaging products that make good use of the therapy. In the various spas and baths aromatherapy is applied if the person so chooses. This helps in skin care as well as psychological relief from stress and depression.

Then of course there are oral and rectal interfaces as well as aerial diffusion for disinfecting the environment of a room or space. It is the influence that the aroma has on the brain which helps in the cure of many health-related disorders as well as psychological stress. Clinical studies have already shown that aromatherapy is capable of having real positive effect on a person. It is more effective as a prevention of a disease rather than as a total cure. These essential oils are considered as antioxidants, anti-bacterial, antiviral and antifungal. To promote these products, developing a medical clinic marketing plan is certainly helpful.

Among many other kinds of essential oils probably the one that is known best to all is lavender oil which has been used as an antiseptic for decades. It is used to soothe headaches as well as minor cuts. Then there are rose oil and sandalwood oil that are used as aphrodisiac which is an agent which is believed to increase sexual desire. Tea tree oil has always been popular in many cultures as antimicrobial which is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anti-parasitic. Clove oil is very popular in dentistry and users claim that it helps to sooth dental pain.

However, it is also possible for some people to develop irritation of the skin when aromatherapy products are applied directly to the skin and this is because the essential oils are highly concentrated and therefore it is suggested that a diluted solution of the oils should be used every time it comes directly in contact with the skin.

Even though science has been able to prove very little about the beneficial effects of aromatic products and about aromatherapy, the users of these products always tend to bring in positive reviews and comments. Apart from a few claims of certain side effects there have been no serious complaints regarding the usage of aromatherapy and therapeutic products. This is one of the main reasons why people want to try it out and see the results for themselves. With each passing day aromatherapy is gaining popularity and is becoming a famous alternative medical practice.

Baymeadows Inn & Suites in Jacksonville, Florida: A Grimy Motel in Disguise

After years of dealing with an unknown and seemingly impossible to diagnose condition, I decided to go to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida for an evaluation. We really didn’t have the money to go, but I knew if I wanted to get better that we had to make a sacrifice. I was told to expect to be in Jacksonville for up to two weeks, and after speaking with a Mayo Clinic social worker, I was referred to the Baymeadows Inn  amp; Suites, a place that she claimed she frequently referred guests to. She said that they had convenient kitchenettes and free high speed internet service that many Mayo patients appreciated. I quickly made reservations, requesting “Mayo” rates as instructed by the social worker. I was quoted a rate of $39.99 a night, which my husband and I thought was phenomenal.

When we arrived at Baymeadows Inn  amp; Suites, which wasn’t difficult to find and was only 6 or 7 miles away from the Mayo Clinic, it looked like a nice place. It was surrounded by beautiful palm trees, looked well maintained, and was somewhat secluded, which I liked. There was also a nice pool area, although it wasn’t open because it was April and temperatures were still somewhat chilly. When we paid for a week’s stay and went to our room, we were in for the shock of our lives. The “kitchenette” was merely 2 burners in the middle of a counter with a sink, a mini refrigerator and a microwave oven. There was no lighting in the “kitchen” area, so we basically had to cook in a dimly lit area.

Not only was the kitchenette a big disappointment, but I felt disgusted just walking into the place. The carpet, although dark-colored, was obviously filthy, the walls were drab, with a few old-fashioned and depressing pictures, and when I sat down on the bed, I noticed that there were paper-thin sheets on the beds, exposing a gross, extremely thin mattress that appeared incredibly worn out. When I touched the filthy mattress, there was actually some grime peeling off the thing. I ripped the covers completely off the bed and there were stains on the mattresses that were so gross that I wanted to vomit! I felt like crying when we were forced to stay in this awful place because we couldn’t receive a refund, nor did we have enough money to pay to stay somewhere else. We were stuck because I trusted that Mayo Clinic social worker.

Another thing that bothered me about this awful place was that there were quite a few shady-looking people actually living at the Baymeadows Inn  amp; Suites that would walk around the grounds, staring at me and my family while drinking alcohol. I never let my 2 boys out of my sight for even a moment!

The only positive things that I can say about Baymeadows Inn  amp; Suites was that they provided a full breakfast each morning in the lobby, a laundry area and the high speed internet service was nice and convenient. Aside from those three positive aspects, the “suites” are deplorable and the Mayo Clinic social worker ought to be ashamed of herself for referring patients to this scummy place! An incentive trip is a reward to motivate can be offered through the companies for engagement of the persons. All the positive aspects of hiring the services should be in the notice of the person. 

How to Achieve the Perfect Tan with Bronzing Powder

Despite the fact that sunbathing and using tanning beds is damaging to the skin, having a glowy, tanned face is something many of us still want to achieve. Using tanning lotions is a great alternative to exposing our skin to harmful UVA/UVB rays, but they can also be smelly, feel sticky or not be the best option for those of us with more sensitive skin types. If tanning lotions are not for you, then perhaps using a facial bronzing powder is the answer, and when applied properly bronzing powder can give you a fresh, straight-off-the beach look in minutes.

In order to achieve a healthy, tanned glow that looks completely natural with a bronzing powder, there are a few things you need to know and do. First of all decide what shade of bronzer works best for your skin tone. Normally, a bronzer that is a couple of shades darker than your natural skin tone is best. If you go too dark, you run the risk of looking unnatural. If you have a more pale complexion a pink shade of bronze is optimal, for slightly darker or olive toned skin orange based hues are best. The brand of bronzer you chose is entirely up to you, although many of the new mineral based cosmetic companies make bronzers that go on lightly and tend to look more natural with less effort.

Choosing the right brush for your bronzer is essential as well. You want to buy a brush that is round, large and has soft, pliable bristles. Using a smaller brush will make it harder to apply the bronzing powder which can leave you looking splotchy rather than tanned. In order to maintain the integrity of your bronzer’s color, you want to keep your brush clean and avoid using it for other cosmetics such as blush or face powder. The leftover blush or powder will change the color of your bronzer when you apply it, which, in turn, can leave you with an unnatural look.

Once you have the right shade of bronzer and a brush the next step is to apply the bronzer. You want to lightly run the brush across the bronzer and tap off any excess powder. Then asses your face and think of where the sun would naturally hit it if you were outdoors. Normally the areas that the sun tends to settle on are your forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin. Using long, gentle strokes apply the bronzer across the top of your forehead, the bridge of your nose, along your cheekbones and genty tap some on your chin. If you want to darken the look of your tan, repeat the steps above until you have achieved the desired shade. Keep in mind that you want to look as natural as possible, so less is definitely more when it comes to applying bronzing powder.

If you will be wearing an off the shoulder blouse, low cut top or sleeveless shirt, you can also apply some bronzer to your collarbones and decollete, as well as to the tops of your shoulders. This will give you a nice, even, sun-kissed look.

Achieving that Tahitian goddess look we all covet no longer has be done in a tanning salon or under the sun, nor do we need to cover our faces with often uncomfortable feeling tanning lotions. We can keep our skin clean, as well as protected from damaging and aging rays and still have a healthy looking glow with the use of bronzing powder. A few simple strokes of the brush is all you need and you’ll look and feel healthy and ready for summer.

Guide to Purchasing Commercial Car Insurance

 What is Commercial Car Insurance?

Any business that has vehicles that it uses for business purposes, whether large trucks, cargo vans, tow trucks, or other vehicles, is going to need a commercial car insurance policy. Commercial car insurance does similar things to personal car insurance: it provides the business with financial protection in case of an accident.

Where Should You Purchase Commercial Car Insurance?

Most major insurance providers that offer personal car insurance will also offer commercial car insurance. However, some companies are more specialized than others and have more experience with the needs of businesses when it comes to car insurance. When shopping around for your business car insurance, you will want to make sure that your primary insurance agent is experienced in handling car insurance policies for businesses.

What Kind of Commercial Car Insurance Should You Get?

Similar to personal car insurance, you will want your commercial car insurance to cover liability and physical damage. As far as liability goes, it is a good idea to increase the property damage coverage to a high amount if the vehicles will be around anything that is expensive to fix. In addition, especially if it is a large vehicle that could potentially cause a lot of bodily harm, you should get a large bodily injury policy.

On the side of you and your company vehicle, you will also want to get medical payments insurance that will cover medical costs for your vehicle’s driver and passengers. In addition, physical damage to your vehicle should be covered by both comprehensive coverage (for damage by theft or natural disasters) and collision coverage (for damage in an accident). Lastly, uninsured motorist coverage is a good idea in case the motorist who caused an accident doesn’t have any (or enough) liability insurance.

Who is the Commercial Car Insurance For?

When purchasing commercial car insurance, it is important to make sure that the name of your business appears in the field of principal insured. This will protect your side in the event of a claim against you. Make sure to ask about who can drive the vehicles and be under the business car insurance policy, specifically, whether they need to be employees, and whether they need to be on the clock.

What other Commercial Car Insurance Factors should be Considered?

Lastly, there are a few other things to consider when purchasing commercial car insurance. The first is for vehicles only used for part of the year. If you have a landscaping business that doesn’t work during the winter, or snowplows that only operate during the winter, ask about adapting your policy to have minimum coverage during the months when the vehicles are inactive. In addition, you will want to consider getting a single-deductible policy if you often have vehicles with trailers, so you will only have to pay the deductible once if both are damaged in an accident.

Getting the Right Small Business Credit Cards

Protecting yourself from wasting the money will be your priority when choosing the small business credit card. Therefore, you need to compare various different options available. Otherwise, your business might end-up in bankruptcy.

You need to consider 3 main factors when you are looking for a good small business credit card. They are lower interest rate, flexible credit line as well as excellent customer service. You need to make sure that you get a card with a low interest rate. It is especially crucial if you plan to carry out the credit balance from month to month. Customer service is also important because you need to contact them immediately if you have enquiries or face some problem. Good customer service will means quicker solution to your need.

Before you submit any application, you need to conduct a little investigation. You can try to call up the customer service. You can start to notice if they give friendly and courteous responses. You can ask them some important questions, such as APR and even the consequences for any late payments. Moreover, your business might also need some flexibility on the payment. You need to gather much important information, so that you will get the best one for your business.

You should also look deeper into the offered programs. If you are not careful, the introductory programs might trap you. They might sound so good at the beginning, but they will only be valid for a short period. For example, the credit card company offers you a 0% interest as well as 0% balance transfer. You will find it perfect that you just submit the application. Later, you will be surprised that these terms are only valid for the first 3 months. You will be charged with higher interest rate in the following months as well as higher balance transfer fee. The companies have their own ways to camouflage these terms in small prints. Therefore, it is very crucial to read thoroughly all the printed requirement before you sign the application.

Most credit card companies with small business credit card program have been teaming up with many well-established merchants and retailers. It is a great thing because you are able to get interesting rewards, such as vouchers, discounts, and many others.

The best reference for finding information on the small business credit card is through online searching. You will find many Website with different programs to offer. You can compare these offers before deciding which one is the best for you. In selecting the features, you need to consider some crucial factors, such as interest rate, rewards, balance transfer and introductory period. You need to get as much info as possible. One thing that you should never forget is that you must read all the printed term and requirement thoroughly. Otherwise, you might get unexpected surprises in the future.

Frugal College Entertainment

We’ve all heard stories about the “poor college students” because most people in college aren’t living it big. You’ve got tuition, books and living expenses and you might not have time for even a part-time job. That’s why finding frugal college entertainment is so important. You don’t have to drop $100 every time you and your friends go out. In fact, there are plenty of things to do in a college town that don’t cost a dime. Try to find the middle ground between staying in all the time and spending money every night. Trust me: It can be done! Following are some tips for finding frugal college entertainment.

Attend Music amp; Dance Recitals

Most colleges and universities have music and dance programs, so go watch their recitals. They aren’t nearly as corny as those you would find in junior high and high school and you might even have a few friends who are participating. This is a great way to both support your classmates and enjoy frugal college entertainment. In most cases, these performances are free or cost as little as $2 or $3, which is nothing compared to what you might spend at a bar, club or restaurant. Sometimes they even have free appetizers after the show!

Attend Plays

Along the same lines of my first tip, another way to enjoy frugal college entertainment is to attend school plays. The theater majors of your school are talented and often put on very moving performances. Watch the colorful flyers that begin to float around campus and look out for some of your favorite plays. Once you’ve found one you’re interested in seeing, talk to your friends and arrange for a group of you to go. That way, you might get a discount on tickets in addition to your student discount.

Film Showings

If you live in a dorm room, chances are you have Movie Night where everyone votes on a favorite film and watches it in your common room. This is far less expensive than going to a movie at seven o’clock and you don’t even have to pay for the gas needed to get there. If your dorm doesn’t already have a movie night or if you live in an apartment complex, take the initiative and set up a movie night. Everyone can chip in for popcorn, sodas and candy and it’ll be just like going to the theater.

Catch the Matinee

If you’re dead-set on seeing a brand new film in the theater, consider going to a matinee showing instead of paying full-price in the evening. Often, this will knock as much as $5 off the price, though you won’t be able to use a student discount. And instead of shelling out $15 for food and drinks, bring a bottle of water in a bag and drink that while you watch.

Take a Dip

Another example of frugal college entertainment is your apartment pool. If you live in an apartment or if you have friends who do, take advantage of that amenity. Of course, this will only work during the summer months, but it’s a great way to relax and get some exercise.

Be a Designated Driver

If you and your friends want to go to a bar or a club, explore frugal college entertainment by volunteering to be the designated driver. This ensures that you won’t be spending money on drinks and you can ask your friends to pay the cover (if one exists) since you’re not going to be drinking while you’re there.

Eat Before Restaurants

To save money when you and your friends go out to eat, eat a snack or a late lunch before you have to go. While you’re there, don’t order drinks or desserts because this is where restaurants really get you on prices. You can still enjoy frugal college entertainment while having a good time.

Five of the Best HDMI Cables for Under $50

One piece of equipment that every home theater system and video game system owner must have is an HDMI cable. In fact, several high-definition televisions come equipped with more than one HDMI port to accommodate more than one input device. These cables are what deliver the astounding picture quality and dynamic sound that makes the video and audio such a compelling experience. While length of the cable is usually determined by need, quality of cables can affect performance. Cables do fail for a variety of reasons, and owners who do not want to be dragging out that expensive television in order to replace a cable should select a quality HDMI cable.

While HDMI cables can retail for upwards of $300 for a six foot cable, many times a lesser priced cable will do just fine. Here is a look at five of the best HDMI cables under $50.

WireLogic HDMI Cable

Costco or feature this WireLogic HDMI Cable Item #444974 that retails for $14.99. Since this is only a three foot cable, it is ideal for connections that are in close proximity. It is compatible with all HDMI formats, including Ethernet, and can deliver that 1080p resolution that owners are chasing. This cable responds well to all high-definition refresh rates.

Philips SWV3431W/17

The Philips SWV3431W/17 HDMI cable is available at Target or and sells for $31.49. This is also a three foot cable, and supports just about any high-definition device. The price bump reflects the inclusion of gold-plated connectors for maximum data transfer efficiency.

Vizio XCH 306 Flat Series Cable

Walmart and feature this Vizio XCH 306 Flat series cable for $27. This is a cool looking cable because, as the name implies, it is flat and easy to hide. The six foot length of the cable allows for some wiggle room on connections, and the cable even supports Internet connections. The flexibility of the flat cable is equally impressive as the quality of picture and sound it delivers.

Dynex Direct VB-HD06

Shoppers at Best Buy or best are probably familiar with the Dynex name, as it is the retail giant’s inexpensive brand. The Dynex Direct VB-HD06 HDMI cable is a six foot cable available for $12.99. This is a great high-definition cable that provides great picture and sound for a variety of devices. This is a bargain cable, so buyers should not expect more than video and sound, as that is all it provides.

Belkin AV10050-06

The Belkin AV10050-06 is available at best for $49.99. This is a six foot cable that is 3D ready, which means it can support 3D viewing provided the proper TV, Blu-Ray player, and glasses are also purchased. This cable specifies max out at a 240Hz refresh rate, so buyers should know their own tech specs before purchase is made. This is a cable designed to fit the moderate price range, while delivering maximum Internet and picture transfer rates.