Natural Products For Thicker Hair

Luscious thick shiny hair is an attractive asset that enhances overall beauty. There are many products that add volume to your hair, giving the illusion of thicker locks. Natural products are preferred because they are free from dyes and other chemicals such as sodium lurel sulfate. However, not all natural products are created equal. Read the label to find out exactly what you are getting. Ingredients are listed in order of concentrated amounts. The ingredient at the of the list contains the higher concentrations than the ingredient listed last.

Jason Hair Thickening Products

Jason cosmetics has created a line of hair thickening products made from natural ingredients. The products in this line, include shampoo + conditioner along with hairspray and a scalp serum. Jason Pro-vitamin thin-to-thick hair thickening shampoo is loaded with botanicals and alpha hydroxy acids to cleanse your hair and scalp while adding thickness and volume.

The hair spray works well on normal or dry brittle hair. The revitalizing scalp elixir serum cleanses and energizes the scalp to remove dead skin cells and other debris. The main ingredients are folic acid and biotin because these nutrients help to prevent hair loss.

Giovanni Organic Hair Care

Giovanni Hair Thickening gel is an organic salon quality hair gel. The styling gel adds more volume along with sealing in color and repairing split ends. This gel is free of animal by products and the nutrients contained inside feed thirsty hair. Some of the ingredients found in these products are eucalyptus, birch leaf and tea tree oil. Giovanni products can be found in some stores salons or on line. (See references below to buy products.)

Big Hair Natural Thickening Shampoo

Big Hair Natural Thickening Shampoo is a product infused with so many beneficial ingredients that nourish and hydrate hair as well as increasing volume and thickness. Some of the main ingredients are wheat proteins, pro-vitamin B5 and essential oils. This product is free of chemicals and sulfates. The product is formulated to restore normal scalp PH which helps the look and feel of new hair growing in. The product is scented with palo santo tree resin which gives the mixture a pine forest type of smell. The palo santo tree is native to South America.

Jack Black True Volume

Jack Black True Volume Thickening shampoo is infused with natural ingredients such as creatine and wheat protein to increase thickness in the hair shaft. White lupine is another ingredient that is essential for body because it stimulates the scalp and hair follicles to maintain and enhance new growth. Tea tree oil and basal are also added to combat dryness and itchy scalp. In addition, you will also find other nourishing additions in this product such as organic sea kelp and sunflower seed extract.

But if none of these products work for you, you may also consider a paradise spa salon & laser hair-removal in Brampton.

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