Marketing Strategy: The Secret to Getting Your Sales Letter Looked At

For any marketer in the market, they all know that the greatest challenge for them is not the possibility or the avenue to deliver the sales letter to the prospect. Everybody knows that mails that have been delivered to the recipients usually get discarded without even opening it. And for letters that do get open and look at, it is usually only get a short period of the attention of the recipient

You just have to imagine yourself as someone being sent a stack of sales letters and you can imagine what has happened to most of the sales letters being sent to the prospect.

People, just as they do to other people, books, or books, they also prejudge the mail they receive. If you are sending sales letter to businessmen or professional, you should consider that the mail would be screened by the assistant. Only when you survive the screening of the assistant then you stand a chance of your sales letter being read by your target prospects.

One of the easiest way that has been tested which successfully bypassed the screening process conducted by the assistant is that you should send out your sales letter enclosed in plain envelope without any company name on them. Instead, you include another name in the same professional field of your prospect and also the return address on the reverse side. This will give the impression to the screener that the letter is a private mail and not any mass mail sales letter that can be discarded. It has been tested that this will improve the chances of your sales letter being read by your target audience by 300%!

However, what if your letter is sent directly to the target prospects without going through the screening process. What you just need to do is a slight variation from the above-mentioned trick. On top of using a relevant personality of the targeted industry as the return addressor, you just need to enclose a little scrap pad size lift letter and says that you have found the enclosed information to be extremely useful and thought that it might be of some interest to your prospect. This will gain the trust for them to open up the letter, because it is a genuine recommendation from a well-known counterpart.

So, now you have the one single, but extremely effective strategy to get your serious letter being looked at. But you have to remember, this is only the first step, as most sales letters are discarded after just a quick glance, thus, what you need to do next is that you must quickly fulfill your promises in the letter.

To do that more effectively you need to go for hiring a marketing director to look after your day to day issues so that everything is in place and there is no discordant note to spoil your promises, which is the main reason why work is not completed in time.

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