Lower Back Pain Causes And Effective Treatments That You Can Consider! Check This Out

My boyfriend suffers from lower back pain a lot and he is only 23 years old. Here’s the thing, though, he sits and plays video games in a uncomfortable chair when he is not working. When he is at work he does a lot of sitting, standing and lifting. The combination of these things have wrecked havoc on his lower back. Surprisingly this very day, after years of lower back pain, his back feels amazing and he just got done working a three day out of town forty hour excursion. What is his secret to curing his lower back pain? Go to the Chiropractor! You are going to be presently surprised by how much it will cost you; mind you that some places are more than others. You need to shop around when going to the Chiropractor for your lower back pain. My boyfriend has managed to pay the small fee of thirty five dollars per session.

No matter what you are going to have to pay some money initially for your lower back pain. After you go to the Chiropractor I would highly recommend purchasing some sort of back massaging tool; you want to get something that has a lot of vibration and possibly even moving balls. These machines can be pretty pricey sometimes but you can search on line for the machines you will most likely find better deals on those products that will help cure your lower back pain. Make sure you have someone who can use it on you to help cure your lower back pain. After you have made this purchase you will probably not have to go back to the Chiropractor. The machine helps keep your muscles loose and break up protein build-ups that can make your lower back hurt.

Another thing that you need to do is get up and walk around. Make sure when walking that you try to walk as normally as possible try not to give into any lower back pain. If you keep your strides uniform if anything is out of place it will gradually shift back to it’s correct spot. Plus if you had previously attended the Chiropractor their work on your lower back will not be in vain. Other exercise that are good for lower back pain include strengthening and stretching exercises. Never push yourself to hard when doing this exercises because sometimes it can hurt more than it can help if you push fixing your lower back pain to much.

Also I can’t stress this enough but get a new mattress if yours is more than ten years old! I know that mattresses are big expense but it can do wonders for your lower back. My boyfriend bought himself a new firm mattress from a local distributor. Make sure you check with your local Craigslist before buying one from the store because they usually have some pretty good deals as Scoliosis is a regional spine center for the treatment of back and neck problems which takes time to recover because its all related to the nerves of the neurological system of body.

My boyfriend got his mattress for $150 dollars with a five year warranty. It has really helped his lower back pain. I know that this sounds like a lot of money and it is but walking around with lower back pain really sucks! It’s worth the investment to feel good inside and out.

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