HTML5 is No Flash Killer, it Won’t Even Make A Flesh Wound

Flash has lived a long life and people want it dead; the likely candidate is HTML5 aka the Flash Killer. HTML5 is the alleged Flash killer that hopefuls are looking for, but not only will HTML5 not be “the Flash Killer”, HTML5 won’t even tickle Flash.

I know where most of you guys and gals are going with the whole “Flash Killer” worshiping of HTML5, but we really need to take the false title of Flash Killer from HTML5 and flush it down the toilet. It’s not good enough to say that HTML5 will be awesome sauce; we have to go dragging Flash into the mix. And what’s with these alleged app and product killers anyhow? Everyone is always talking about killer this and killer that; the iPod Killer, the Google Killer, AIM Killer, Facebook and MySpace Killers, etc. Why are we so obsessed with turning our backs on products we’ve loved for years and not only abandoning them, but wanting them killed off?

I digress. I’m here to talk about why HTML5 is no Flash Killer and I kind of got a little carried away, sorry. The main reason all of the hogwash, malarkey, and Tom Foolery about HTML5 being the Flash Killer is due to HTML5’s h.264 video codec. Stop the press! All of the HTML5 Flash Killer business is due to a frickin’ video codec? It’s a cat shaving video codec for Ron Jeremy’s sake.

I know that Flash can be a system hog and that if I were to tally up all the time I’ve spent watching intro screens loading, It’d easily add up to at least 400 years, but we’ve got to call a square a triangle here. A video codec will not replace Flash, which services (or disservices) 99.9% web users – heck, the only other things 99.9% of all web users can agree on, besides flash, is porn and cat videos (and they still can’t agree on the best kind of porn or best cat video).

YouTube and Vimeo started experimenting with the h.264 video codec to curb loading times on HD videos and the internet started crying Flash Killer. This is extremely preposterous. That’s like if my job hired a new guy and everyone started yelling “He’s the Millionaire (my name) Killer.” Heck, I still work there; it’s not like I’ve been fired and by the looks of the frail new employee, I know that I could probably take em’ – I think.

The h.264 video codec used in HTML5 hasn’t even “killed” Flash on YouTube and Vimeo, so what makes you blood thirsty lunatics think that HTML5 will be the Flash Killer to remove Flash from the “internets”? Flash is on everyone’s computer, it hasn’t been replaced by h.264, it does way more than video, and even if h.264 could kill Flash (a mosquito itchin’ video codec for Neil Patrick Harris’s sake), it would take ages for it to happen – so Flash would be dying, not killed (everything is dying any… right?).

Flash is here and on almost 100% of everyone’s computers and HTML5 won’t even be released until the year 5 million and 2, so if HTML5 is the Flash Killer, it’ll only kill Flash with anticipation and shock when it finally arrives. Got it? Good. Now get outta here you whippersnapper you.

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Regardless of whether you want an HTML5 format or not, it is up to you whether you want to identify it as a Flash Killer or something else but it is not like your regular web design company but completely different from it as its features have set a benchmark when compared to PHP and is even more advanced than the original HTML.

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