How To Fix The Heating Element On An Electric Range

A basic electric range isn’t a high-tech appliance. If you’re having problems with your electric range, chances are you can repair it yourself after a few diagnostic checks or adjustments. There are several troubleshooting techniques to try before calling a professional to repair your electric range. You may discover you can fix your electric range yourself. Fixing your electric range without calling an appliance repairman can save a lot of time as well as money.

The most common issues and problems that occur with electric ranges involve the heating elements. The good new is, electric range heating elements are easy to check, and they are easy to change should they require replacement. Anyone can change the heating element on their electric range.

Checking an Electric Range Heating Element

If a heating element on your electric range doesn’t seem to be doing its job, examine the element when it’s set at the highest adjustment. If the entire element isn’t glowing brightly when the range is set on the hottest setting, the element is beginning to fail and will require replacement. When an element is going bad, it may become super hot in one particular spot. This superheated spot can cause irreparable damage to pots and pans. It’s best to stop using the burner and replace the element as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that heat only as much as needed and excess of anything may even lead to loss of life and property and burners are slowly being replaced by induction cookers. Oil Heat Services & Delivery to New Jersey are doing the rounds in order to replace certain electrical items.

Electric range elements should also be checked for corrosion and grime. Before taking apart an electric range or any electric appliance, first and foremost make sure it’s unplugged. When the element has cooled completely, lift up on it slightly so it clears the drip pan, and pull it straight out. Look at the prongs to see if they are black, corroded, or dirty. Cleaning the contacts may fix an element that isn’t heating.

If you are unsure if an element on your electric range is bad, test the element by plugging into an equal sized burner receptacle. If the element doesn’t work in a receptacle you know works, the element is definitely bad. If you can’t check the element on your electric range, take it to an electric range repairman and have them test it with their equipment. The price of testing an element at the shop will be far less than calling a repairman to your home. If an element proves to be bad, it will of course require replacement. If an element is tested and proves to be good, the receptacle is more than likely bad, and it will need to be replaced.

When locating an element for replacement, don’t make the mistake of going to an appliance repair shop. A company that repairs electric ranges will of course add their fee to the price of the part. Go directly to the supplier for electric range replacement parts. Save yourself time and money. Look in your local yellow pages, or shop online to find the lowest price for electric range elements.

Replacing an Electric Baoiking or Broiling Element

Electric baking and broiling elements don’t just pull out like range top elements, but don’t be intimidated. An electric baking or broiling element is easy to remove and replace. To remove and replace an electric baking or broiling element all you’ll need is a screwdriver. Simply remove any screws that hold the element in place, pull the element toward you, and unscrew any attached wires. Replacing the element is as easy as removing it. Just attach the wires to the new element, push it back into place, and reattach the screws.

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