How To Choose The Best Plastic Surgery Institute – A Guide

Plastic surgery consists of a set of procedures that cause major changes to one’s appearance. There have been several cases where the reconstructive procedure results have not been in sync with the picture the patient had in mind. As such procedures are expensive and have long-lasting effects, anyone willing to undergo plastic surgery must do their research before choosing the plastic surgery institute and the plastic surgeon.

What are the factors that one must consider while selecting a plastic surgery institute? Generally, people tend to browse plastic surgeons near them and select one from among the top results. However, the topmost results may not always be the best choice.

Important factors to consider

With the help of the factors discussed below, one can easily select the top institute for plastic surgery.

  • Board certification

It is the first and most important factor to consider. Patients should check whether the doctors are in the hospital are board-certified. It is not easy to obtain certification. Doctors must complete a minimum number of surgeries, train under experts, and pass examinations.

Therefore, with a team of certified cosmetic surgeons, one can be sure that the procedure will go just as planned.

  • Before/After photographs

The before/after photographs of past patients can very well reveal the surgeon’s expertise. One should not shy away from requesting to look at the gallery of pictures of past patients.

It is a good idea to look at patients who had the same skin complexion and type. It would give a better idea of what one can expect after the surgery. Of course, each body is different, and cosmetic procedures are not fixed for all. However, looking at similar patient’s photos is the closest thing one can do to visualize the results.

  • Accredited surgery center

The surgeons may be board certified. But are they working in an accredited center? Accreditation is important because it is a sign that all the safety norms are in place. An accredited plastic surgery center has the right equipment and infrastructure needed for the procedure.

The surgery needs specialists – anaesthesiologist and other assisting members apart from the surgeon performing the surgery. If the hospital is not accredited, the tools may not be upgraded, the infrastructure sub-standard, or the surgical team incompetent. All of these increase the risk of the surgery, not turning out as desired.

  • Specialization

Some cosmetic surgeons specialize in certain procedures or focus on a single body part after their general training. For instance, if one wants to get a breast reduction surgery, it would be a safer option to look for a surgeon specializing in the procedure.

Compared to a surgeon who routinely performs surgery on multiple parts of the body, a specialist would repeat the particular procedure more often. Thus, there is a chance that their methods are up-to-date. Some highly qualified surgeons are the best in the field even though they perform different procedures. Those who are considering more than one procedure can consult such doctors.

  • Additional qualifications

While choosing a plastic surgery institute, one must visit their website to know more about the surgeons employed. The medical field is one that grows leaps and bounds in a short period. Thus, every patient has the right to know whether their surgeon keeps himself/herself in the loop.

One can check the surgeon’s CV to know about their additional qualifications – paper publications, and conferences attended as attendee and speaker, certifications in certain techniques, positions in advisory boards, and so on. It is a huge plus if the institute itself hosts conferences and other events related to plastic surgery.

Factors that shouldn’t matter

Some people tend to consider the wrong factors while selecting an institute for their plastic surgery. Here are a few factors where people go wrong.

  • Long waiting period

Patients should not be put off by the fact that the hospital has a long waiting time. It is generally a sign that the clinic/hospital provides excellent service and is a popular choice. Cosmetic procedures usually do not fall under the emergency surgery category. Thus, waiting for the appointment should not be an issue.

  • The cost

A hospital whose fees are too good to be true should not be believed right away. Cosmetic procedures involve the usage of several cutting-edge types of equipment, which are quite expensive. Therefore, the procedures are expensive too. Patients who fall for hospitals that provide surgeries at unusually cheap costs may end up regretting their decision.

The final word

Reconstructive surgeries change the appearance of the body for good. Thus, even if there is a minor mistake, the patient usually has no option but to live with it. That is why one has to exercise caution while deciding the institute to get the procedure done.

Board-certified surgeons with specialized training, accredited surgery centers, several patients keeping the doctors busy, hospitals that go the extra mile to enable their surgeons to stay up-to-date and satisfactory before-after images of past patients are good signs that one has selected the best plastic surgery institute.

As the patient starts browsing online, they will get an idea about a particular hospital’s general reputation through reviews by past patients. This can be considered too. As it is a delicate procedure, no patient must settle for less. If the patient is traveling out of town to get the procedure done, make sure to discuss post-op care and transportation facilities beforehand.

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