How to Add Features to Your Linksys Router

Routers are devices that are used in computer networking as you use Hughesnet router login to create a secure network. They are used for two computers or more that belong to a network, either in an enterprise or at home to be able to simultaneously use a broadband Internet connection. One router brand made by Cisco is Linksys. It has different router designs for different needs. Among these is their Linksys Wireless-G Router which is usually known as the WRT54G design. It is based on the Linux component which is under the open-source GNU General Public License rendering the source code for the program available to developers hence it can be customized and tweaked to extend its functions and capability. So now the WRT54G may be loaded with additional firmware to add more functionality and features to it.

Determine what you wish your Linksys router to perform and look for the existing firmware that you may install. Make sure that any firmware you intend on using is compatible with the router. Visit the maker’s website and read the provided information there before downloading any firmware. Once you have located the right firmware you can use, download it to the desktop for easier access later when flashing your router.

Print all of the instructions for the router and the firmware so as to have immediate access to that info when you flash your router and you are not able to use the computer during that time.

When you perform the flash it is better to make use of Ethernet cable to link your computer to your router, since this is more stable than using a wireless connection.

The first step you need to perform is to reset your router back to its factory default settings which the router came with when buying it. There are two methods of doing this. You can press its reset button for 30 seconds prior to releasing it. It is located behind the router. Alternatively, you may do this by proceeding to the present configuration page and clicking Administration Factory Defaults Yes Save Settings.

Once you have reset your router’s settings you may now begin to flash the new firmware that you had selected. Use your browser in connecting to your router’s configuration pages. Search for Administration followed by Firm Upgrade. Hit the browse button to access the browse dialog box. Now you can find and select your firmware file and hit Upgrade. The firmware for your WRT54G upgrade files contains a .bin extension.

Observe as the firmware begins the upgrade. At this moment you do not need to do anything but let the computer handle the upgrading on by itself. Do not touch your PC or your router when it is upgrading to prevent locking your router or performing a bad flash.

A progress bar for your upgrade will appear after some minutes. Leave it alone so that the upgrade is complete and the router starts resetting. Wait for a new page showing on your computer screen having a Continue button. Don’t immediately hit that button. Wait for some more minutes to allow your router to finish the upgrade as well as the reset.

Hit the Continue button once you have given your router enough time to finish the upgrading process. That continue button should lead you once again to the router’s main configuration page. From here you may make the selection of the features you desire to add to the router.

Read the guides and documentation available for the firmware which you have chosen and set up so that you may configure your router with your new firmware. Search for community support within forums run by experts, users, and developers to help you with troubleshooting.

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