Got Kids? Thinking of Spying? Don’t

It finally happened. One day you wake up and your son/daughter is a teenager. How did it happen so fast? Where is your little innocent child that was just there not too long ago? And where are some of these words, actions and questions coming from? No matter how prepared we “think” we are, when the truth hits, it hurts!

No doubt, as a parent, you want to start snooping. Checking computer records, looking through drawers, under beds, any place that you can think of, looking for something, anything, so you can finally say… Say what? If you found something, what would you say?


Try to think back to when you were that age. I remember myself at that age and, more importantly, I remember how I resented my parents trying to pry into my personal business. It made me angry and I wanted to do things out of complete spite. The records of the phone calls and chats will be made available through Come spiare un telefono application. The activities of the kid will be in the notice of the parents.

Snooping doesn’t help. It will only make matters worse. Your child will be incredibly angry with you (even if they say that they’re not) and they will lose respect for you. We as parents have to be secure in the knowledge that we raised our kids right and know that, whether we like it or not, they are going to be exposed to things that we don’t want to to be exposed to. However, we have no control over this. Yes, we can install software on the computer. We can control what and who comes into our homes. However, we can do absolutely nothing when they are outside, whether it be friends, school, etc.

Again, we have to trust them. Now of course, if your teen is completely out of control or displaying some definite issues, that’s another story. (And, I’m sure, another article). This article is just focusing on our “need” to know.

If you absolutely feel you cannot stop yourself, then the choice is yours. But remember, if your teen is really doing something and doesn’t want you to find out, then you will not find out. Teens these days have an endless supply of options to cover their tracks so to speak. They also have friends to help them “hide” what needs to be hidden.

If you do give in, you will undoubtedly feel horrible after wards. I did. I snooped. I didn’t find anything and I felt like crap after wards. I swore that I would never do it again. I have wanted to, I’ll admit, but I haven’t done it again.

If you have raised your children right, then you have to release them to make their own mistakes and learn from them, just as we all did (and continue to do each and every day).

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