Five of the Best HDMI Cables for Under $50

One piece of equipment that every home theater system and video game system owner must have is an HDMI cable. In fact, several high-definition televisions come equipped with more than one HDMI port to accommodate more than one input device. These cables are what deliver the astounding picture quality and dynamic sound that makes the video and audio such a compelling experience. While length of the cable is usually determined by need, quality of cables can affect performance. Cables do fail for a variety of reasons, and owners who do not want to be dragging out that expensive television in order to replace a cable should select a quality HDMI cable.

While HDMI cables can retail for upwards of $300 for a six foot cable, many times a lesser priced cable will do just fine. Here is a look at five of the best HDMI cables under $50.

WireLogic HDMI Cable

Costco or feature this WireLogic HDMI Cable Item #444974 that retails for $14.99. Since this is only a three foot cable, it is ideal for connections that are in close proximity. It is compatible with all HDMI formats, including Ethernet, and can deliver that 1080p resolution that owners are chasing. This cable responds well to all high-definition refresh rates.

Philips SWV3431W/17

The Philips SWV3431W/17 HDMI cable is available at Target or and sells for $31.49. This is also a three foot cable, and supports just about any high-definition device. The price bump reflects the inclusion of gold-plated connectors for maximum data transfer efficiency.

Vizio XCH 306 Flat Series Cable

Walmart and feature this Vizio XCH 306 Flat series cable for $27. This is a cool looking cable because, as the name implies, it is flat and easy to hide. The six foot length of the cable allows for some wiggle room on connections, and the cable even supports Internet connections. The flexibility of the flat cable is equally impressive as the quality of picture and sound it delivers.

Dynex Direct VB-HD06

Shoppers at Best Buy or best are probably familiar with the Dynex name, as it is the retail giant’s inexpensive brand. The Dynex Direct VB-HD06 HDMI cable is a six foot cable available for $12.99. This is a great high-definition cable that provides great picture and sound for a variety of devices. This is a bargain cable, so buyers should not expect more than video and sound, as that is all it provides.

Belkin AV10050-06

The Belkin AV10050-06 is available at best for $49.99. This is a six foot cable that is 3D ready, which means it can support 3D viewing provided the proper TV, Blu-Ray player, and glasses are also purchased. This cable specifies max out at a 240Hz refresh rate, so buyers should know their own tech specs before purchase is made. This is a cable designed to fit the moderate price range, while delivering maximum Internet and picture transfer rates.

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