Fashion 2013 Trends as Anticipated at MAGIC/Project/Pool

Magic is known as the business of fashion. One of the things most people recognize when they’re shopping is that past mid-season clothes are not typically available when you most often when you need them. For example, if you’re looking for swimsuits now, forget it, as its back to school season. Likewise at the coldest point of the year when you realize you need a new coat, you’ll find the racks filled with spring fashion.

We were surprised at the February shows that they were introducing a lot of colorful spring and summer fashions that are generally reserved for fall introductions. We’re curious what we’ll be seeing this show, will it be the traditional 6 months prior for ordering thus being the Spring/Summer 2013 or will we once again be seeing a complete reversal with fall/winter being seen during this back to school shopping season?

If we see traditional spring/summer2013 this show will they be bright and cheerful or dark and dismal as have been some of the spring/summer selections in the past few years?

If we see much of what we saw in February, which is for fall/winter 2012, being repeated this August are we noticing a trend of repackaging of previous seasons styles? This is due in part to the large investment they already have which needs to be recouped even if at a lower cost margin

MAGIC is held in Las Vegas partially because the convention sizes available or is it because everyone in fashion is participating in a game of chance when they roll, will it be 7s or 11s or will they crap out?

If they have a heavy first day they worry. If it’s too heavy on the first day they don’t expect sales the following day. The buyers wonder if they purchase too quickly they may be paying too much.

MAGIC, it is the business of fashion. MAGIC is the foundation, the family includes WWD Magic, Slate, Street, Men’s/Wear, FN Platform, Project, Pool Trade Show and Sourcing at Magic.

Even with the best analysts, fashion preferences can change on a dime with a popular movie or TV show, stylist, celebrity or Olympian.

The Olympic Games goes out of its way to set standards so that no one can take advantage of the games while the games are in session. An example is Olympian Yohan Blake wearing a $500,000 ultra-lightweight watch which was frowned upon as were the Olympic medalist Michael Johnson’s Nike and 3M 24-carat gold created lightweight shoes.

When the Olympians leave the Olympic Village and are no longer physically associated with the games, they are free to wear whatever they wish and this is why it is such a conundrum as their product line has already been established and they don’t know what they will be doing to fashion.

We never cease to be amazed and what we thought we knew about fashion and find out what we really don’t know about fashion.

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