Intronaut - Void

Released August 22, 2006

Recording info:  Recorded/mixed April 2006 at Shiva Studios with John Haddad.  Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side.

Artwork:  Justin Bartlett

Gear lists:

– Sacha: Gibson SG, Hughes & Kettner Triamp, Rivera 4×12 cabinet, various effects

– Leon: Ibanez RG, Line 6 HD147 head, Mesa Rectifier cabinet

– Joe: Pedulla Pentabuzz 5 string fretless bass, SWR MoBass head, SWR Megoliath cabinet, Upright bass

– Danny: Pearl Masters Custom kit, various cymbals

Goodfellow gave us a $3500 budget to make this record, which might as well have been a million dollars as far as we were concerned.  We went back to John Haddad and paid for three straight weeks of recording and mixing, which allowed us to not totally rush the process (which is funny considering it takes us at least two months nowadays and we still feel rushed).  Getting to experiment with things like double tracking guitars, extra effects, using the upright bass on a couple songs, and all the time John had to mix made this record really fun for us to make.  The writing process was a lot of fun too, since we had more or less established what kind of music we were trying to make, and everyone was coming up with some killer ideas.  Most of it was written in a terrible little garage we rented behind some tweeker’s house in hollywood across the street from the Guitar Center there.  There was no bathroom, but tons of rats everywhere, as well as four REALLY angry, neglected, scabied-up pitbulls.


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