The Challenger

intronaut - the challenger

Released October 30, 2007, Translation Loss Records

Recording info: Recorded and mixed by John Haddad at Shiva Studios, Spring 2007.

Art: John…..

Gear lists:

– Sacha: Gibson SG, Hughes & Kettner Triamp and Mesa Dual Rectifier (biamped with a Boss HM2 going through the Mesa)

– Leon: Ibanez RG, Line 6 HD147 head and Mesa Dual Rectifier (biamed with a Boss HM2 going through the Mesa)

– Joe: Pedulla Pentabuzz 5 string fretless bass, SWR MoBass head, SWR Megoliath cab

– Danny: Pearl Masters Custom kit, various cymbals, John Haddad’s snare drum

We had gained quite a bit of momentum since recording “Void”, having completed our own self-booked North American tour, plus another long “character-building” tour at the end of 2006, which was then rewarded with a 3 week, last minute tour with Isis (see our archived tour date section for the stories on all that).  We were inspired to write a 3 song EP, just to keep putting stuff out while people would let us.  Our Goodfellow contract was up, and not that we didn’t love them for all the hard work, but we took our friend Drew at Translation Loss up on an offer to release an EP.  He wanted more material for it than just three new songs, so we gave him a bunch of live tracks and a remix of an old song.  We went back to John Haddad, back on a limited budget, and did it in four or five days.  Leon’s Swedish death metal influence came through in the form of using a Boss HM2 heavy metal pedal for part of the distorted signal.  Writing for this was also kind of interesting in that most wasn’t written with the whole band in the room.  The song “The Challenger” was written by Sacha, Danny, and Leon while Joe was filling in on bass for Mouth Of The Architect, and “Whittler Of Fortune” was written while Leon was out on tour playing bass for Phobia.  “Deep Architecture” was written with all of us, but based around all Leon riffs.  It is also the only Intronaut song we have never played live.  The art was done by our friend John, who is a very talented graphic designer.  Thanks to Translation Loss going the extra mile, this is arguably our coolest album packaging to date.  Lyrically, we had some fun on this one.  Each song is about something having to do with our band.  “The Challenger” is about our first van, which we named after the ill-fated space shuttle mission with which it shared a similar takeoff story.  “Whittler Of Fortune” was about our practice room in Vernon (I think), and “Deep Architecture” was an error message John Haddad would get on his recording software while we tracked this EP.


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