“Arnold Layne” for “Like Black Holes In The Sky: A Tribute To Syd Barrett”

Released September 2008 on Dwell Records

Recorded by Josh Newell at NRG in Summer 2007

While we were talking and working out a deal with Century Media, A&R extraordinaire Steve Joh recommended us for this covers comp, that actually had a pretty bad ass lineup, with bands like Jesu, Kylesa, Pentagram, Yakuza, etc.  We recorded it with Josh Newell in Studio B at NRG in one day.  This was the first recording we ever did with Josh, who has gone on to work with us for everything since.  This was also Dave’s first recording with the band, probably only a month or so after he joined.  Whoever reviewed this comp in Decibel wrote this song off as too faithful to the original (or something like that), which is really funny because they obviously had never listened to the original.  We completely reworked the song into a mathy freakout, and then without really knowing how to sing, sang over it, which Josh promptly autotuned into oblivion.  Download it on iTunes, it’s an interesting listen for sure.


“Dixie Whiskey” originally by Eyehategod

for Century Media – Covering 20 Years Of Extremes 2CD compilation

Released on Century Media in 2008

Recorded during the “Prehistoricisms” session, spring 2008

This is a two disc compilation of bands on Century Media covering other bands on Century Media.  Most of the 40 tracks are pretty much unlistenable, and we appear on it dead last, so if you make it that far, our cover of Eyehategod’s song is like a little reward.  We chose that EHG song because Leon wasn’t in the band anymore and would be PISSED if we had done Grave’s “You’ll Never See” without him, and we didn’t want to go to all the trouble of learning a Cryptopsy song.  Amazingly, no one covered us on the comp.  The hardest part about learning this song was figuring out the lyrics.  They are all printed in the CD booklet, but completely unorganized and without song titles.  Plus, he only sang like every tenth word from the lyric sheet, so we had to sit there and not only figure out what he was saying, but from what set of lyrics he was singing from.


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