Intronaut pre

Released September 16, 2008

Label: Century Media

Recording info: Recorded and mixed by Josh Newell at Opera Studios, Castle Oaks Studios, Clear Lake Audio, and NRG Studios April-June 2008

Artwork: Ryan Wade

Gear lists:

– Sacha: Gibson L6S w/ Dimarzio Super Distortion pickups, Hughes & Kettner Triamp and Rivera Knucklehead (biamped) through Orange 4×12 cabs

– Dave: Gibson Les Paul Standard (custom shop) w/ ’57 Classic pickups, Engl Fireball and Rivera Knucklehead (biamped) through Orange 4×12 cabs, Tabla, Sonor designer series toms (on “Any Port”)

– Joe: Pedulla Pentabuzz 5 string fretless bass, SWR MoBass head, SWR Megoliath 8×10 cabinet, upright bass

– Danny: Pearl Masters Custom drum kit, various cymbals

After Leon left, there was a noticeable change in direction, as our “metal riff” guy was no longer in the equation.  Dave played a huge part in the writing process, but was a little reluctant when it came to writing actual riffs since he was coming out of a long stretch where he primarily played drums.  This resulted in a bunch of songs built around rhythmic concepts, whereas the music we did prior is much more “riff” based.  Dave and Danny wrote an amazing, African-inspired dual drum piece for the end of “Any Port” and no one could tell that it was two drummers, which really bummed Dave out.  Joe and Dave came up with the 5 minute, classical Indian-inspired intro to “The Reptilian Brain.”  Since John Haddad moved his studio even further outside of town, we decided to work with an old buddy named Josh Newell, who was a staff engineer at a studio in North Hollywood called NRG.  He recorded one song for us a few months prior (“Arnold Layne” for the Syd Barrett tribute disc), so we knew he could make us sound good.  Also, now with Century Media handing out good money to make a record, we could afford him and the nice studios he wanted to work in.  We ended up tracking drums in a couple days at Travis Barker’s (Blink 182) studio in North Hollywood, which is interesting I guess, and guitars and bass were done at a nice studio in Calabasas called Castle Oaks.  We did vocals and mixing wherever Josh could get us in late at night for cheap, because he started working on a session for a very huge band that plays horrible music during the day.  We had a guest “guitar solo” on the song “Sundial” from the late “Big” Steeve Hurdle, one of the guitarists from Gorguts’ Obscura record (which almost 15 years later is still one of the most unique heavy metal records ever made), so that was really exciting for us.  For art, we went back to our friend Ryan Wade, who did the cover for “Null”.


Some video footage from the recording sessions:


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