Intronaut - Null

Released February 28, 2006.

Recording info:  Recorded early 2005 at Shiva Studios in Santa Ana, CA by John Haddad

Artwork:  Ryan Wade

Gear lists:

– Sacha: Gibson SG, Laney VH100r head into Seymour Duncan 4×12 cabinet.  Various effects.

– Leon: Ibanez RG, Line 6 HD147 head, mystery 4×12 cabinet with Impaled logo.

– Joe: Pedulla Pentabuzz fretless bass, various bass combo amps

– Danny: Pearl Masters Custom drum kit, various cymbals

We had spent about a year becoming “a band” that did band stuff like getting together a couple times a week to write songs and get used to playing with each other before ponying up $200 each for four days to record and mix this four song demo with John Haddad, who we knew as the old drummer from Phobia and Eyes Of Fire, and who had a studio in Santa Ana that produced good sounding recordings for local bands on a budget.  We were really stoked to get these songs somewhat properly recorded so we could finally show people what we were doing.  We initially did a run of maybe 100 CDR’s with little silk screened and watercolored white sleeves.  They looked awesome but would get your hands super dirty.  We sent it to a couple labels, and Chris from Goodfellow Records hit us up with much enthusiasm and a pretty fair deal offer.  Goodfellow was putting out records by some pretty cool bands at the time like Cursed, Taken, The Secret, and a bunch more, so we signed a deal to reissue this, as well as one full length.


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