Habitual Levitations


Released March 19, 2013

Recording info:

Drums recorded October 2012 by John Haddad at Trench Studios in Corona, CA

Guitars, Bass, Vocals, etc recorded by Derek Donley October-December 2012

Mixed by Josh Newell

Mastered by Paul Logus

Artwork:  David D’Andrea

Gear lists:

Sacha and Dave: Gibson Les Paul Custom, Les Paul Studio, Dave’s Custom Shop Les Paul, various EMG pickups on heavy guitar tracks, Gibson 57 Classics for most clean, Taylor 410 acoustic

– Joe: Pedulla Pentabuzz 5 string fretless bass, Ampeg SVT-8 Pro head, Ampeg Pro Neo cabs (4×10 and 1×15)

– Danny: DW Drums, DW brass snare, Meinl Cymbals, Aquarian drum heads


We wanted to take our time to write and record our fourth full length album, and do it all in a comfortable setting.  In the past, we had found ourselves getting frustrated by trying to meet self-imposed deadlines and misbudgeting for studio time.  On Valley Of Smoke and Prehistoricisms, much of the work was done in the wee hours of the night, which means you’re working on a half functional brain.  This time, we decided we would book studios that we could basically set up and camp out at for extended periods of time, allowing us to be perfectionists but not having to rush it.  Even though our plans of total recording relaxation were crushed once we found out we needed to finish before our tour with Meshuggah (boo hoo), John, Derek, and Josh (and we band guys) all did great work and this album came out great.





3 thoughts on “Habitual Levitations

  1. Great work on Valley of Smoke. Totally blew my mind. Can’t wait for Habitual Levitations. Thanks for the ouside-of-the-box perspective on metal and music in general.

  2. I got the void when it came out sometime ago. At the same time I was just starting to listen to new stuff like mastadon and,meshuggah. I was impressed w/ your creation w/ void. But I wasn’t overwhelmed by the direction. So I drifted away until prehistoricisms, and valley of smoke. It was like two different bands. I love everything yal have done since. Habitual levitations, is a real revelation. From void to thhis. Im really proud of you guys an how the music has grown an matured as you guys have. I grew up in new Orleans an now live in alabama.Please come to birmingham by the way. Ijust missed your atl show(tonight,Im pissed). Haven’t ever seen u guys, hope to soon.But in ending I have embraced your music like I have mastadon,mushuggah, and tool. Yal are a cut above the rest when it comes to writing music and lyrics. Topnotch musicians. Like the other bands I mentioned. Im hooked.the new album has blown me away. Like nothing I ever heard. I assume yuo all passion for fusion jazz, There is a new genre of metal, like we need another. Fusionmetal. Danny I have all the respect in the world for your drumming capabilities. Iam a drummer as well,hearing your trap madness, refresh my enthusiasm to play. Still tryin to learnthe drums on the first song on Habitual. Crazy.Yal take it easy.The nugs help out don’t they.

  3. I posted a message already, but you guys have come along way since void. Growing and maturing as musicians.Every album just gets more technical. Love what yal are doing. Habitual is exactly what I waNTto hear, I wish more took this approach craft to be more creative. The sword,clutch,meshuggah,tool and mastadon an you guys are the future of rock n’ roll. Fusionmetal or progressive metal, is what I hear an feel. I missed yal last night in atlanta at the drucken Unicorn, an I missed yal w/ meshuggah. Do yal plan to come to Birmingham,alabama. Danny you did a wonderful job on the trap. Im a fellow drummer too. Im 37 from New Orleans originally. You got the setup, the absolute right band, for you to put massive yet unique drum parts. Good drummer in great b ands have alot of freedom to do what they want. This new album like kyle said totally blew me away. I went to the store today and bought Black Sabbath “sabatoge”, Slayer “live undead” and Intronaut “prehistoricisms. Which ironically is the only album I didnt have of u guys. I heard and love it. Hope to see yal , soon. Please think about a DVD. later brothers an enjoy the tour.

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