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Booking (North America) –

Booking (Europe/UK) –

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For anything else, contact the band directly through Facebook.


3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I hate to reach out to you with anything less than glowing praise, but unfortunately your Habitual Levitations CD refuses to play on Macs. It plays in everything else just fine, but it is certainly sad to know that this album will not be making it onto my ipod because the physical disc is funky. And I’d sure like to not have to buy the mp3 version in order to rectify that. =(

  2. Hello quick question,
    I’m just a dude from Oklahoma who was lucky enough to catch you guys on a off day from a tour a few years ago. Always been a huge fan and never had the opportunity to catch you live until then. Was blown away the best all around set I’ve ever seen as a life long metal head. Anyway, I see the listing for your Oklahoma date on December 20th I believe on your Facebook photo but don’t see it on your official website. Just making sure it was all happening would LOVE to see you guys perform again. New albums sounding thick.
    Thanks for the time and response,

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