Classic Toys from Our Childhood, Updated and Still Hot Sellers

Remember those wonderful days of childhood and all those great, hot toys that you owned and wanted. What was your favorite? Is it a toy that is still on the market today?
Many of the toys from past generations are still selling today and selling well. Yet, of course, just like everything in life, these toys from our past, have been updated. They may have a more sophisticated and fresh look. They are made from more durable materials. Plus, unfortunately, they may also cost more than they did when your parents bought them for you.

Yet, they are just as well loved and they are just as popular, if not more popular than ever.

Here is a quick overview of some of those toys and how they have been updated.

Jack in the box

You remember him. He was a somewhat scary clown that would pop out of a colorful box, after cranking a little handle.

Jack still pops up to the sound of music. His little box is still colorful. But he isn’t as scary looking as he once was.

Jack is no longer always a clown. You can purchase Jack in the form of a cute bear, a bunny, a pony or even a character such as Curious George. Yet, he still loves to play hide and seek with all the kids.

Crayloa Crayons

Yes, these wonderful crayons have been updated a lot since they first came onto the market. One of their newest products is the triangular easy hold crayon. These makes it easy for even two year olds to begin drawing and coloring all those wonderful masterpieces.

Radio Flyer Wagon

Surely you remember these wagons. They were bright red and you can pull anything from your little brother to a load of small gravel in these.

The new version is still red. The kids can still push it. But now it has a more comfortable seat and looks more like a little car than a wagon.

Lincoln logs

Wasn’t it fun building all those colorful building and then promptly knocking them down, again?

Well, the logs are just as wonderful as they were then. But now the kids imagination can go even wilder with the new plastic horses and people that also comes with some of these sets.


You can’t even think about classic toys without thinking about Barbie.

Barbie has been updated several times throughout her life. You can even buy her now with her very own stand, so she is always at attention, ready to tackle any job.

Candy Land

This wonderful game helped us all learn our colors. It we drew a red dotted card, we were suppose to land on the next red dot. It was easy and fun.

The updated version has no board. Yet, the kids still have to match up colors, as well as shapes.

Don’t worry, the board version is still around, too.

What would childhood be without all these wonderful toys? They teach our children so many things, while also building wonderful memories. They also give us an excuse to revisit out own childhood as we play with our children.

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