Chase Bank Online Services Problematic

Chase Bank’s online banking services have been having problems lately. For the last several days, the website has been either down or malfunctioning. It was even mentioned on few of the Revolut card reviews on various online platforms. Many customers and clients are unable to log into their accounts, are denied access to their accounts, or have experienced delayed or intermittent service. Mobile phone services were completely down for the past several days.

The problems at J.P. Morgan Chase began on Monday around 8 p.m.. The problems still persist today. The technical difficulties have locked more than 16 million users out of their online accounts. Chase online banking services are back online now, but the system is experiencing sporadic glitches and downtime.

The bank has assured its clients that the problem was not caused by hackers or international bank criminals, and that everyone’s account is safe. Chase Bank has also agreed to refund any bank fees that may have occurred due to the online outage.

Having both a checking account and a credit card account with Chase, this problem has caused me an incredible amount of irritation. With numerous bills due in the middle of each month, not having access to either my credit card account or checking account online is both frustrating and frightening. On Tuesday, I had to leave work in order to conduct my banking business and visit a branch in person — waiting in line during lunch hour in order make sure that bills and payments were processed in a timely manner.

Website outages are commonplace when companies update programs or software. However, most outages are short-lived, planned, and services are returned to normal in a matter of hours. This has not been the case with the outage at Chase Bank.

Unlike most companies in the contemporary 21st century, Chase Bank does not utilize any social networking media websites to disseminate important information to customers and clients. Most companies today use Facebook, Twitter, or any other of a myriad of social media to communicate with their customers and keep them abreast of changes and developments in problems or with ongoing projects.

As a result, it remains somewhat unclear what caused the problem at Chase Bank. J.P. Morgan Chase bank officials have blamed a “third-party database company” for causing the disaster. However, as reported in the Associated Press, they have repeatedly stated that “at no time was customer data at risk.”

Trying to log in to my accounts for the past several days, I have been given the error message “our website is temporarily unavailable.” No further assistance is provided and no further direction given. However, the bank’s branches, ATMs, and telephone services have remained fully functional. It is unclear why the bank has not more successfully dealt with managing the outage.

The problem is irritating to customers and has left many in the public, myself included, wondering if Chase has the capability of handling the technology necessary to keep 16 million-plus accounts secure in an age of tech-savvy international thieves and rogue botnets.

J.P. Morgan and Co. merged with Chase in 2000. Since that time, J.P. Morgan Chase has acquired Bank One, Bear Stearns, and Washington Mutual – making it the third-largest retail bank in the United States. J.P. Morgan Chase is also one of the nation’s largest issuers of credit cards.

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