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The invention of in 2003 brought open a new craze on the internet that seems to be flooding the market. I believe the sale of myspace for $580 million could be one of the reasons. It could also be that people are addicted to finding new friends and uploading photos as well.

The idea sprung open many things that were not very noticeable before Myspace came along. Take for instance Business Networkers. Yes, business networkers have been around for many years, but mostly on business forums, and business chat rooms. Now, you can find both social and business networking sites all over the internet.

What Are You Getting Into?

If you are looking for places to get the word out about your business let’s start with Directmatches and what they can do for you.

You may be in a chat room or talking to someone that has gotten involved and say, “Hey, you want to advertise your business for free, goto Directmatches”. So you wander over to their profile take a look around and decide that FREE is what you are looking for, and you signup.

Once you are in, they’ll ask you to build your profile. Upload a picture, talk about your company, and away you go. Within a few hours you will receiving contact adds, and emails. The excitement is crazy as you feel that you are going to get all these sales or people interested in your business.

So one by one you started reading these emails that look something like this, “Hello, welcome to Directmatches. I see we have a lot in common after viewing your profile. I look forward to networking and sharing ideas with each other in the future”. Sounds good doesn’t it? So you email these individuals back and thank them for the emails, and that’s when it all begins.

You can also consider to buy 50 Instagram followers from This will help you grow your network and audience. So if you have a business, it will be very helpful as you can promote your product to wide variety of audience. As a result, more leads and profit for your business.

Left and right you start receiving link after link about how you need to take a look at their businesses and how they can make you tons of money. So maybe you do decide to look at a couple, and then it’s time to email them back only to find that your trial period is over. In order to keep receiving and sending emails you must upgrade your membership. If you want to just use the email service it is a fee of $9.95 per month. I thought it was free to advertise? Well it is, if you just want to use the site to just put a page up. However, how are you supposed to get in touch with these people? You have to upgrade right? Of course you do, that’s part of Directmatches system.

Only problem is the more you are in, the more spam mail you get and no one really wants to hear about your business. Occasionally, you may find a person that asks, but it’s usually to see if you are liking what you are doing and if you want to check their business out and see if it would work better for you. Otherwise the mail is spam.

Making Money With Directmatches

So now you realize you do have to pay to benefit from this site. Want to promote Directmatches as your business? You can simply upgrade your membership for either $19.95(Manager) or $29.95(Executive) per month. Everytime you get someone to upgrade you will receive a 50% commission. Checks are delivered through the mail weekly and yes, for those wondering they are real.

Residuals come into play also that start after 25 days that you are into the company. Then are paid every 2 weeks after that. In order for you to receive any type of residuals you must build what they call your binary tree. Where there is a left leg your sponsor builds and a right leg that you build. Once you get four Executives, Managers, or Customers on your left leg, and the same on your right leg(8 total) you receive anywhere from $10 per month to $30 per month in residuals.

The problem that arises is that if your sponsor doesn’t have enough on their side, and you have say sixteen Executives on your side, well you still won’t get any residuals. You do have the option to put individuals on both sides of your binary tree, but it takes away from the individuals under you that you are helping as well. Then you have to worry about keeping them in the company and staying upgraded by getting them in conference calls and training classes.

It’s up to You

Directmatches has over 100,000 members and in just 2 years that is extraordinary. Mixing social and business networking into one site seems to have done well for them. The question is will it do well for you? How can you benefit, and what are you looking for in benefitting from their website.

If you have a 9-5 job, and your looking for something to bring in extra income, then it might be something you want to look into. Just remember that it doesn’t happen over night, and if you don’t work it like it’s your own business, you won’t make anything. Basically, don’t pay for it unless you plan on working it.

If you are wanting to find something just like the website we have just discussed, I will be writing an article on another site that I found that gives you everything Directmatches does as far as promoting your business at no cost.

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