One day, we will have a masterfully written, biographical epic novel.  Until then, here is a lazy (but extensive) timeline kind of thing:


– Danny Walker, drummer of Ventura, CA based grind band Uphill Battle approaches Sacha Dunable, guitarist of Los Angeles doom/prog/stoner metal band Anubis Rising about trying to write some music together.  They had known each other for years, playing shows together with even earlier/shittier bands.  Sacha wrote and recorded some songs on a four track cassette machine, two of which eventually became “Fragments Of Character” and “Burning These Days” on the Null EP.


– Danny had been out playing drums on tour with Exhumed through, and through that became friends with Leon del Muerte, who had played bass for Exhumed and guitar for Impaled.  He invited him along to play guitar in the new band, while Sacha invited bassist Joe Lester, a friend from high school who had just moved back to Los Angeles from the University Of Santa Cruz.  The four guys got together and started to learn and refine Sacha’s demos and write new music.


– The band recorded and released “Null – Extended Play Compact Disc For Demonstration Purposes” in early 2005, which caught the attention of Canada’s Goodfellow Records, who signed the band later that year.  The label would reissue the demo as an EP, and release one full length album.  Intronaut started playing shows around Southern California.


– Goodfellow Records released “Null” in February and “Void” in August.  Intronaut went on a 30 day, completely self-booked tour of the US and Canada, which then led to more and more tour offers.


– After more successful touring, the band was inspired to write a 3 new songs, which would become The Challenger EP.  Released in 2007, it also had some live tracks and some other extra crap.  Around the time it was released, Leon decided to leave the band in order to focus on his band Murder Construct (also with Danny on drums), who have since signed with Relapse and have released two records.  Dave Timnick, a friend of the band, steps in on guitar and vocals.  Dave’s background as a percussionist helped add a new dynamic to the band.  Shortly after that, Intronaut signed with Century Media.  In November 2007, they toured Europe for the first time.


– Lots more touring through the US with bands like High On Fire, Saviours, A Life Once Lost, The Ocean, Mouth Of The Architect, Behold The Arctopus, followed by the recording and release of the second full-length album, “Prehistoricisms”, in September 2008.


– Tours with Mastodon, Kylesa, and a trip to two festival shows in Kolkata and New Delhi, India, while starting to write their next record.


– “Valley Of Smoke” was released in October 2010.  North American tours with Cynic, Dysrhythmia, and Helmet.


– Tours with Animals As Leaders, The Ocean, Red Fang, Ghost Brigade, A Storm Of Light, and many more happen in the US and Europe.


– Tour with Tool through North America, as well as a short run around SXSW in Austin with Black Tusk and East Of The Wall.  Writing began for the band’s 4th full length record.


– “Habitual Levitations” released March 19 2013.  A tour with Meshuggah and Animals As Leaders, a tour with Katatonia and Cult Of Luna, as well as several headlining tours in Europe and North America with Scale The Summit, The Atlas Moth, and Mouth Of The Architect.


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  1. So stoked to find your music; I can’t fucking believe I am just now getting to hear these amazing albums! Looking forward to the Roxy show in July!

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